Image by Another Eden WFS
Rarity 5
Max level 80
Another Style (AS) N/A
Element NoneNone
Attack Type PiercePierce SlashSlash
Weapon Type BowBow
Armor Type RingRing
Affinity ShadowShadow [Stat bonus]
Original Era Present
Personalities Beast Bow
How to obtain Story_22
Release date 24 Apr 2020
A beast girl. She is the little sister of the former Beast King. When she was but a little child, she met and became friends with Feinne in the Moonlight Forest. She has a gentle personality and a possesses a considerate heart. During the battles with the ogres, she was changed into the form of the Elemental Greatsword by Zennon Ogre... She has a surprising fondness of bitter food and likes Plum Mushrooms
Rarity Class
2★ Thruster
3★ Archer
4★ Bard
5★ Beast princess (free)
Valor Chants
The elemental beast descends here! Intelligence of all enemies -20% and Type resistance -20% (1 turn)
Description Size MP
Elemental Arrow
Piercing attack on all enemies (S) and Type resistance -15% (3 turns) S 23
Double Shot
Piercing attack on a single enemy x2 (S) S 12
Enhance Sword
Damage on user 30% and Sword equipped characters' damage +50% (1 turn) 20
Power of all enemies -20% and Type resistance -20% (2 turns) 16
Elemental Snipe
Piercing attack on all enemies (L) and Type resistance -20% (3 turns) L 43
Angel's Song
Physical resistance of all party members +30% and Regen (M) (3 turns) M 20
Spirit's Sword
Slash attack on all enemies (XL) and Type resistance -25% (3 turns) Effect's power increase based on Beast Orbs stacked. Skill Multiplier +80% per Beast Orb Additional Elemental attack (160% x Mod) according to active Elemental ZONE, if Beast Orbs are stacked. Upon usage of the skill, all stacks are consumed. XL 53
Spirit Dance
Piercing attack on one enemy x4 (XL) Stacks 1 Beast Orbs on User every time the skill is used. Stacks 2 Beast Orbs on User if skill crits. Beast Orbs: Increased crit rate by 5% (max stack x3: 15%) XL 44