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Image by Another Eden WFS
Rarity 3-4
Max level 60
Another Style (AS) N/A
Element FireFire
Attack Type MagicalMagical
Weapon Type StaffStaff
Armor Type RingRing
Affinity LightLight [Stat bonus]
Original Era Present
Personalities Cat lover Staff
How to obtain Dreams
Release date 28 Jan 2019
The latest recipient and user of an ancient magic power. Though she has the ability to draw on this ancient magic, to the people around her she just looks like a bit of an unusual young girl. Her cat Rumino is one of her best friends.
Rarity Class
2★ Caster
3★ Sorcerer
4★ Wizard
Valor Chants
Alright, let's switch! Fire type resistance of all enemies -15% (1 turn)
I won't forgive you even if you say sorry! Fire type resistance of all enemies -25% (1 turn)
Description Size MP
Light of Life
Physical resistance of all party members +15% and Regen (S) (3 turns) S 20
Fire Ball
Fire type magic attack on a single enemy (S) S 12
Burning Lift
Intelligence for all party members +15% (3 turns) and remove Bind. 20
Fire type magic on a single enemy (M) M 22
Fire type magic on a single enemy (L) and inflict Physical resistance -20% (3 turns) L 40
Fire of Life
Physical resistance for all party members +30% and Regen (M) (3 turns) M 25
Description Requirements Location
The Catnapping

[Watch video]
Bivette's cat-loving grannie lives in Baruoki. It seems her beloved cat has been catnapped.
Clear Main Story Chapter 11
Reach level 5
The Memory Lamp

[Watch video]
Bivette's childhood friend is getting married soon. She wants to give her a lamp which holds a lot of sentimental value as a wedding present.
Clear Main Story Chapter 20
Reach level 30
4★ or more
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