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Image by Another Eden WFS
Rarity 3
Max level 50
Another Style (AS) N/A
Element NoneNone
Attack Type BluntBlunt SlashSlash
Weapon Type KatanaKatana
Armor Type RingRing
Affinity LightLight [Stat bonus]
Original Era Future
Personalities Katana
How to obtain Dreams
Release date 28 Jan 2019
A mass-produced robot of unknown origin. All that's left in his database is this: "The two were found by a pack of wolves. The alpha decided that they should be killed. But before they could do the deed, the couple gave birth to eight children. They hid their story within the tales they told to the children. They did not die in vain."
Rarity Class
2★ Fighter
3★ Samurai
Valor Chants
Slash Weakener Slash resistance of all enemies -20% (1 turn)
Description Size MP
Strong Slash
Slash attack on a single enemy (S) S 10
Double Slash
Slash attack on a single enemy x2 (S) S 12
Flat Strike
Blunt attack on a single enemy (S) and inflict Stun S 12
Mental Focus
Power of user +30% (3 turns) and restore all statuses 17
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