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Mariel (Another Style)
Image by Another Eden WFS
Rarity 5
Max level 80
Default version Mariel
Element NoneNone
Attack Type MagicalMagical
Weapon Type StaffStaff
Armor Type RingRing
Affinity LightLight [Stat bonus]
Original Era Present
Personalities Cat lover Clergy Staff
How to obtain Dreams
Release date 21 Feb 2020

A student from the temple in the city of Unigan. Having undertaken strict training from a young age, she is already proficient in healing magic. She loves cats so much that she will drop everything to play with them.
Rarity Class
2★ Caster
3★ Cleric
4★ Druid
5★ High priestess
Valor Chants
Pain pain go away! Restore HP (L) and Intelligence +20% to all party members (1 turn)
I'll save you with my healing blade! Restore HP (L) and Intelligence +30% to all party members (1 turn)
Description Size MP
Healing Herb
Restore all party members (S) S 10
Shining Arrow
Magic attack on a single enemy (S) S 10
Cure Leaf
Restore all party members' HP (S) and restore all statuses S 12
Refresh Leap
Speed of all party members +15% (3 turns) and restore all statuses 20
Aurora Force
Type resistance of all party members +50% (2 turns) 23
Healing Aroma
Restore all party members' HP (M) and Regen (M) (3 turns) M 30
[Normal] Target a single party member, main or reserve. Revive them, grant Type attack +30% (1 move), and restore 30 MP to them. [Another Force] Grants all party members Type attack +20% (1 move). [United] Effect is strengthened based on the amount of accumulated Blessings orbs. Blessings orbs are consumed on skill use. 65
Sanation Columna
Restore all main and reserve party members' HP (L) Stack 1 Blessings on user Blessings: Increase Intelligence of user (max stack: 2) L 40
Description Requirements Location
The Blessing Sword and the Divine Wings

[Watch video]
Mariel receives a letter from someone. It was a request from her client, which she was going to accept.
Unigan Inn
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