Ancient Jolts Dragon

Ancient Jolts
Images by Dragon City Social Point
Rarity Legendary legendary
Breeding Time 36:00:00 xp
Hatching Time 48:00:00 xp
As long as its four feet are planted on the ground, the Ancient Jolts Dragon has a complete circuit of electricity flowing through it. If a Metal dragon gets too close, the air around it will spark and crackle, meaning an explosion is imminent
Training time Power
Terra Tumbleweed Terra terra
12 hours 1050
Electric Laser Beam Electric electric
12 hours 650
Legend Rainbow Legend legend
12 hours 1050
War Giant Mouth War war
48 hours 975
Training time Power
Terra Sand Storm+ Terra terra
48 hours 1950
Electric Tesla Ray Electric electric
48 hours 1350
Legend Aurora Borealis Legend legend
24 hours 2100
War War Fist War war
48 hours 1500