Zodiac Libra Dragon

Zodiac Libra
Images by Dragon City Social Point
Rarity Epic epic
Breeding Time 17:00:00 xp
Hatching Time 23:00:00 xp
Gold Income / hour 18 (12 x level) gold
Exp. 60,000 xp
Libra is one of the Zodiac Dragons who give their names to our constellations. This dragon stands for truth and justice and is respected by all dragons in Dragon City
Training time Power
Physical Stunning Hit Physical physical
12 hours 638
Ice Ice Spikes Ice ice
12 hours 650
Light Light Prism Light light
48 hours 750
Electric Lightning Electric electric
12 hours 550
Training time Power
Lightlight Out Of Time+ Light light
48 hours 1950
Lightlight Out Of Time Light light
48 hours 1350
Iceice Cryogenic Freeze Ice ice
48 hours 1350
Electricelectric Tesla Ray Electric electric
48 hours 1350