Best use of Lunar Lantern part 4

January 24, 2019 | Faq
Best use of Lunar Lantern part 4

Continued from: Best use of Lunar Lantern part 3

The following is the list of the mice to catch to the best use of Pig Lunar Lantern loot bonus.

12. Gnawnian Express Train

Location: Gnawnian Express Station

Reason: Magmatic Crystal Charm, Black Powder Charm, Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent, Supply Schedule Charm, Fool's Gold

Getting the charms might be difficult even with the current Law trap. But the lantern loot bonus effect should help significantly.

In Gnawnian Express Station, the most wanted item that people need is mostly the Magmatic Crystal Charm in order to catch the Magmatic Golem Mouse. The mouse appears randomly and hard to catch. Thus, for those who need to complete this area, now might be the best time.

The Fool's Gold obtained can be a good plus.

13. Muridae Market

Location: Muridae Market

Reason: Papyrus

This one is quite straight forward. Lit up the lantern for the loot bonus effect, and catch any mouse that drops Papyrus for the sake of getting the Papyrus Base

14. Iceberg

Location: Iceberg

Reason: Bottled Cold Fusion

Collecting Bottled Cold Fusion in this area might provide a challenge for new hunters. The item is used mainly for crafting various traps and bases used in this area.

To farm it, use Magnet Base and retreat & repeat after getting Bottled Cold Fusion in tunnel general

15. Others

Location: Laboratory


Mice: Granite Mouse, Steel Mouse

Location: Windmill

Reason: Packet of Flour for tournaments

Mice: Captain Croissant Mouse, Steel Mouse

Do you think you have any other ideas for the best use of Pig Lunar Lantern?

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