Recommended Eggs to hunt in Spring Egg Hunt 2

February 23, 2017 | Faq
Recommended Eggs to hunt in Spring Egg Hunt 2

Continued from: Recommended Eggs to hunt in Spring Egg Hunt 1

The following is the second part of the recommended list of elusive eggs to hunt in Spring Egg Hunt for either the rares inside or simply just for collection as well as the time that you might need to prepare before the event starts:

Magmatic Golem Egg

Reason: Collection

Preparation time: Depending on your equipments, just board any train in Gnawnian Express Station

Double egg drop charm: Not possible

Magmatic Golem Mouse can only be attracted and caught during the Daredevil Canyon phase and only with Magmatic Crystal Charm armed. The difficulty for this is quite high since:

I suggest you to only hunt for this egg if you have spare time after hunting the other eggs.

Double egg drop charm cannot be equipped as it requires Magmatic Crystal Charm to attract this mouse.

Master of the Dojo Egg, Dojo Student Egg, Assassin Egg

Reason: Gold farming

Preparation time: Varies, depends on the amount of Rumble Cheese, Onyx Gorgonzola, Onyx Stone that you have

Double egg drop charm: Highly Recommended when catching Master of the Dojo Mouse

Furoma is a popular place for gold farming with the high gold value drop of Master of the Dojo Mouse and Dojo Sensei Mouse.

With the double egg drop charm, hunters can double the amount of Student Tokens and Onyx Stone from the Master of the Dojo Egg to ensure the gold farming cycle.

If you do not have enough materials to hunt the bosses here, you can also hunt in Furoma for Dojo Student Egg with the double egg drop charm if you want. While at this place, you might also get Assassin Egg from Assassin Mouse if DLU strikes.

Bubbling Egg, Oxygen Egg, Sand Dollar Egg, Sunken Treasure Egg, Underwater Predator Egg, Tritus Egg

Reason: Sand Dollar, Predatory Processor, Oxygen Canister

Preparation time: Depending on your equipments, a few days of preparation before Spring Egg Hunt event starts might be required for this

Double egg drop charm: Highly Recommended

The eggs located in Sunken City are valuable thanks to the contents.

To ensure the underwater hunt is going longer, hunters need the Oxygen Canister.

The Bubbling Egg and Oxygen Egg contain this canister and can be obtained easily during the Spring Egg Hunt event.

The currency to buy strong Hydro weapons in this area is Sand Dollar.

If you hunt in the Sunken Treasure zone, you will get a lot of Sand Dollar Egg and Sunken Treasure Egg to improve your currency amount. As Team Rocket says, "make it double" with the double egg drop charm.

If you have strong Hydro weapons, you might also want to challenge strong mice in this area for the Underwater Predator Egg and Tritus Egg. You might get the valuable Predatory Processor from opening it worth around 1,800,000 in the marketplace at the time this article is posted.

Overall, Sunken City is probably the best place to spend some time of the event, especially if you have nothing else to do.

To be continued to Recommended Eggs to hunt in Spring Egg Hunt 3

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