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January 12, 2017 | Faq
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Where royal strength rewards hunting prowess.

Location: King's Arms

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Hint Data
Location Hint
Town of Gnawnia Hiding within the hustle and bustle in the city of the crown.
Town of Gnawnia Trying to spot the King himself.
Windmill Observing the churning and grinding of the new harvest.
Windmill By an agricultural structure once owned by one of Gnawnia's most prosperous farmers.
Windmill Grinding up hundreds of tiny seeds from a stalky, golden plant.
Harbour Near the loud and low horns and the dinging of bells.
Harbour Visiting where many new hunters seek out seafaring mice.
Mountain Looking across vast landscapes and the many horizons of the land.
Mountain Cutting through the pass to reach the town on the other side.
Slushy Shoreline Walking along the coldest waters in Gnawnia.
Slushy Shoreline At the beachside site of an invasion force!
Slushy Shoreline Shivering near the edges of the mainland.
King's Arms Where royal strength rewards hunting prowess.
King's Arms Under a circular roof atop arm-shared paths.
King's Arms Browsing wares available with a most royal currency.
Tournament Hall Amongst the triumphant trumpets of master hunters of old.
King's Gauntlet Climbing up spiralling, menacing stairs.
King's Gauntlet Trekking up a massive tower in Valour.
Calm Clearing Taking a relaxing hike through a forested area.
Calm Clearing By a peaceful rock in a grassy clearing.
Great Gnarled Tree Tracing the deep patterns of bark growing on ancient towers.
Great Gnarled Tree By a tree older than Gnawnia itself.
Lagoon Waist-deep in a shallow, sparkling pond.
Lagoon Amongst sparkling, still water.
Laboratory Performing bizarre experiments and chemical reactions.
Town of Digby Exploring the deep and winding caverns near a technologically-advanced underground city.
Town of Digby Amongst powerful drills and excavation equipment.
Mousoleum Investigating the spirits of slain mice.
Mousoleum Surveying where scientists harvest 'spare parts'.
Mousoleum Studying the spooky remains of Zombie Mice.
Bazaar Searching for the best deals in the Burroughs.
Training Grounds Standing among the ranks of new students out in the field.
Training Grounds Watching the careful training of artful students.
Dojo Practicing an ancient art with fledgling warriors.
Dojo Safely inside the bottom floor of a bamboo building.
Catacombs Listening for sinister secrets deep underground.
Catacombs Walking through dark hallways in search of a Keeper's Candle.
Forbidden Grove Trapped between two planes of existence.
Forbidden Grove Behind heavy stone gates.
Acolyte Realm Standing on the other side of a green and purple portal.
Acolyte Realm Inside an elaborate one-way trap designed by Plankrun.
Cape Clawed Watching the peaceful gathering of tribal mice.
Elub Shore Near the bluE waters of the island.
Elub Shore Watching the calm waters of Rodentia while remaining safely ashore.
Nerg Plains Investigating a well-seasoned Gumbo Cheese.
Nerg Plains Running through flat fields of greeN.
Derr Dunes Ankle deep in rocky, tropical sand.
Derr Dunes Tumbling down hills of rreD sand.
Balack's Cove Roaming amongst the most powerful of Lich mice.
Balack's Cove Lurking in a damp and darkened grotto.
Claw Shot City Keeping an eye on the long-arm of the law.
Claw Shot City Spitting in a spittoon! Yuck!
S.S. Huntington IV Testing out balance on the high seas.
S.S. Huntington IV Looking a bit queasy...
Seasonal Garden Watching the sky and wondering what the weather will bring.
Seasonal Garden Braving the ever-changing elements.
Crystal Library Leafing through ancient tomes of knowledge.
Crystal Library Expanding knowledge and climbing endless ladders.
Sunken City Walking along the bottom of the Rodentia Ocean.
Sunken City Investigating powerful diving equipment.
Fiery Warpath Marching through the Sandtail Desert.
Fiery Warpath Dodging arrows, spears, swords, and spells!
Muridae Market Visiting a walled city that is no stranger to sieges.
Muridae Market Keeping a close eye on would-be thieves...
Living Garden Tending to a most troublesome and dangerous garden.
Living Garden Enjoying a drink on the overgrown rooftop patio.
Fungal Cavern Carefully navigating a subterranean and humid environment.
Fungal Cavern Deep inside of an infested, glowing, twisting, unending cave of untold riches...
Training Grounds Relaxing in the shade of tall engraved rock.
Cape Clawed On a small bit of land near a volcano.
Bazaar Ducking between stalls and tents and loud merchants.
Bazaar Under the pointiest tent in all the Kingdom!
Tournament Hall Browsing the rewards of competitive champions.
Harbour By the sea where there's plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
King's Gauntlet Atop a tall tower with the perfect view of an Eclipse.
Calm Clearing Tucked behind dense trees where it's quiet and peaceful.
Acolyte Realm Outside a smoky purple tower.
Dojo Carefully watching the training activities of advanced students.
Laboratory Where the powerful and strange breeds of mice first arose.
Tournament Hall Competing for the limelight amongst the finest champions.
Laboratory Amongst brightly glowing potions.
Town of Digby Hiding in the shadows while standing in the limelight.
Lagoon Climbing jagged rocks and slick moss.
Great Gnarled Tree Finding shade in the largest tree in the Kingdom.
Town of Gnawnia In a town with a dense population.
Moussu Picchu Climbing and exploring some long lost ruins.
Moussu Picchu Up high upon a weather changing plateau.
Mountain In a treacherous environment where only the toughest of mice survive.
Queso River Enjoying a quick dip in a cheesy bath.
Queso River Sipping delicious liquid cheese from a river.
Queso River Protecting her ears from the sound of loud pumps.
Floating Islands Investigating what can be built in a workshop.
Floating Islands Searching the skies for treasure.
Floating Islands Peering through an oculus.
Floating Islands Avoiding falling victim to Sky Pirates.
Floating Islands Watching hunters' dirigibles fly by.
Foreword Farm Toiling away in fertile fields...
Prologue Pond Choosing the right tackle...
Table of Contents Sitting down at a wooden table...
Bountiful Beanstalk Hobnobbing with giants
Table of Contents Sharpening a quill...