Ronza: How To Get More Gold?

July 26, 2017 | Faq

Ronza always comes with strong items, but gosh.. so super-duper-ultimate expensive and the price always goes up each year.

If you have trouble with not enough golds to buy her items, then the following might be helpful for you.

Here is the list of things you can do to increase your gold in game:

1. Hunt in areas famous for Gold Farming

Furoma and Furoma Rift are well-known for the gold farming.

If you are high level enough, you can also hunt in high-level areas such as Rift areas and Fort Rox

2. Donation

Buy any stuffs that is easy to sell, such as SUPER|brie+ and sell them in the Marketplace

3. Sell stuffs in Marketplace

The SUPER|brie+ is always on demand.

You can also sell other things such as Fort Rox items, skins, charms or any other items.

4. Sell items to Shops

There are over 100 items that can be refunded to the shop with various ratio.

The good news is that some of the items can be refunded at 100% refund ratio

The complete list: Refundable Items

Here are top 10 items that are recommended to be refunded with 100% refund ratio if you need instant golds:

1. Minotaur Base Blueprints - 7,900,000

2. Rift Base Blueprints - 7,500,000 gold

3. Endless Labyrinth Blueprints - 6,980,000 gold

4. Arcane Crystal - 2,500,000 gold

5. Temporal Turbine Trap Blueprints - 2,500,000 gold

6. Event Horizon Trap Blueprints - 2,300,000 gold

7. Aromatic Oil - 1,000,000 gold

8. Phantasmic Essence - 1,000,000 gold

9. RhinoBot Blueprints - 940,000 gold

10. Mysterious Blueprints - 632,700 gold

These standard cheese can be sold back to the Cheese Shoppe for golds.

Cheddar Cheese

Marble Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Brie Cheese

Gouda Cheese

Marble String Cheese

Common stuffs to sell:


- Dehydration Base Blueprints - 22,330 gold

Great Gnarled Tree

- Bolt of Cloth - 3,000 gold

- King's Reserve Bubbleh - 210,000 gold

- Rope - 600 gold

Town of Digby:

- Living Shard - 1,200 gold


- Droid Parts - 7,750 gold

Training Grounds:

- Nori - 5 gold

- Rice Paper - 220 gold

- Tiny Platinum Bar - 60,000 gold

Bristle Woods

- Bead of Slumber - 2,000 gold

- Mysterious Blueprints - 632,700 gold

- Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints - 45,079 gold

Cape Clawed

- Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints - 160,000 gold

- Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece - 158,175 gold

- Antique Lantern - 94,000 gold

- Coconut Milk - 800 gold

- Plant Pot - 900 gold

- RhinoBot Blueprints - 940,000 gold

- Thorned Mouse Trap Plans - 550,000 gold

Living Garden / Lost City / Sand Dunes

- Phantasmic Essence - 1,000,000 gold

- Essence Prism - 500 gold

- Rift Base Blueprints - 7,500,000 gold

- Arcane Crystal - 2,500,000 gold

- Umbral Capacitor - 500,000 gold

Credits to Jemsterr from Mousehunt Discord

5. Open your Treasure Chests, Spring Hunt Eggs and any other basket that might contain Golds

Check your inventory for any items that can be opened especially Treasure chests and Spring Egg Hunt Eggs

If you are not sure where, just go here: Inventory - Basket & Kits

6. Borrow from friends

When all else fails, get a loan from your in-game friends. Not sure if anyone want to lend you their hard-earned Golds though, but its worth to try.

Perhaps you can contact your friends who has retired from playing Mousehunt but has millions of unused Golds. Who knows??

7. Claim golds from Marketplace

While it sounds silly, but some hunters do forget that they have claimable golds in the Marketplace.

Check them out, perhaps you might get the same feeling as "finding coins in your pocket".

8. Finish and claim your Adventure rewards

You can get hundred thousands of golds simply by finishing and claiming your adventure.

If you have unfinished adventure and looking to get more gold ASAP, now might be a good time to do it.

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