How to Instantly Charge AF Bar

February 03, 2021 | Blog

Charging Another Force (AF) bar is one of the tedious things to do in this game. I have seen many players complaining about this in the online platform.

However, there are some ways to charge AF bar quickly or instantly.

1. Nadara Volcano wolves

Estimated time: 40-45 seconds
Requirements: Must have Mighty (Another Style) or Melissa

Most popular method due to accessibility.

The concept is to farm the wolves from the burning ground using auto-attack of Melissa and team to charge the AF bar in 2 battles.

Alternatively, if you can use Mighty (Another Style) Hypnoblizzard skill.

Here is how:


Mighty AS

2. Parallel Serena Coast Escort mini-game (Lazy method)

Estimated time: 60 seconds

  1. Must have unlocked Parallel Serena Coast Escort mini-game
    This mini-game is part of the First Knight and the Holy Sword episode accessible from the mirror in Space Time Rift
  2. Must have recruited the Chef (Shelter Crab Man) into the resistance group
    This is also part of the First Knight and the Holy Sword episode.

If you have done the requirements above,
you can revisit the Parallel Serena Coast from the mirror room in the Space Time Rift.

The next thing to do is simply start a battle and use the Chef help.
And Voila! AF bar instantly recharged.
Simply kill the enemy and exit this place.

The good side about this is you can do it with any team.
No need to set any specific team member to do this, hence I call this as Lazy Method.

If you are still unsure, here is the video of how to do it:

3. Toto Dreamland horse horror with Joker 

Estimated time: 60 seconds
Requirements: Must have Joker
Optional: Any other multi-hit heroes or healer to survive

Simply bring Joker and team to face the horse horror in Toto Dreamland.
Ensure Joker uses Triple Burst skill

Here is an example:

Hope this helps! =)

Note: This page will be updated if there is more alternative to charge AF bar

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