Updated Stores on Halloween 2018

October 21, 2018 | Blog
Updated Stores on Halloween 2018

!!! Breaking News !!!

Some new stores have been added around Gnawnia, and several existing stores have been updated.

It is interesting to know that the devs do not mention this.

What do they gain by hiding this fact?

What is this conspiracy?

Why are you like this?

Why Gamora?

Anyway, here are the details:

New Stores

Bazaar - Trapsmith

Harbour - Cheese Shoppe

King's Arms - Cartographer

Laboratory - Cartographer

Laboratory - Trapsmith

Laboratory - Charm Shoppe

Mousoleum - General Store

Mousoleum - Cartographer

Mousoleum - Trapsmith

Mousoleum - Cheese Shoppe

Mousoleum - Charm Shoppe

Toxic Spill - Trapsmith

Updated Stores

Town of Digby - Trapsmith

Which prices go down down down?!

Bottomless Grave Trap from 673,630 goldgold to 109,000 goldgold

Ambrosial Portal Trap from 140,000 goldgold to 8,000 goldgold

Sinister Portal Trap from 140,600 goldgold to 9,800 goldgold

You can check the price change in browser. The Mousehunt app somehow still displays old price. Weird, huh?!

We do not know whether this price update is going to be permanent or just during Halloween 2018, but man.. that's such huge drop.

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