Best use of Lunar Lantern part 2

January 24, 2019 | Faq
Best use of Lunar Lantern part 2

Continued from: Best use of Lunar Lantern part 1

The following is the list of the mice to catch to the best use of Pig Lunar Lantern loot bonus.

5. Warmonger Mouse

Location: Fiery Warpath

Reason: Sandblasted Metal, Sphynx Crystal, Oasis Bead

4 waves to clear just to reach this mouse. And similar to Retired Minotaur Mouse, you might not get rare the boss drop.

6. Sunken City - Lair of the Ancients 

Location: Sunken City - Lair of the Ancients

Reason: Sand Dollar, Ultimate Charm, Ultimate Luck Charm, Ultimate Power Charm, Predatory Processor

I think most of us already know that we have to keep changing the charm to use either anchor or boost the submarine to find the specific zone that we want with limited oxygen amount. That itself is a challenge.

The main deal of this is to enter the Lair of the Ancients, which an underwater zone below 25,000m. This zone has Ancient Of The Deep Mouse and Tritus Mouse which drop wonderful items, such as Ultimate Charm, Ultimate Luck Charm, Ultimate Power Charm and Predatory Processor

You might also want to collect the Sand Dollar in other zone below 10,000m as it is the currency to buy the traps and bases in this place.

7. Furoma Rift

Location: Furoma Rift

Reason: Unstable Broom, Null Onyx Stone, Rift Blossom Branch, Battery Fragment, EnerchiAscended Elder's Glasses

Another place that requires tedious task. Hunters need to collect tons of Enerchi and Battery Fragment to empower batteries.

Unstable Broom and Rift Blossom Branch are main requirements for hunters that want to do a Furoma Rift cycle to gather golds in preparation for new area or Ronza. In addition, if you are lucky you might get Ascended Elder's Glasses from Unstable Broom. It is worth around 8,000,000 gold in the marketplace.

For details about the Furoma Rift, refer to the following Furoma Rift Guide.

To be continued to Best use of Lunar Lantern part 3

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