Best use of Lunar Lantern part 1

January 24, 2019 | Faq
Best use of Lunar Lantern part 1

The following is the list of the mice to catch to the best use of Pig Lunar Lantern double or triple loot bonus.

1. Monstrous Black Widow Mouse

Location: Whisker Woods Rift

Reason: Rift Ultimate Power Charm, Rift Ultimate Luck Charm, Plankrun's Whisker Woods Rift Notes

This mouse is the most popular target to spend the lantern loot bonus.

The Rift charms cannot be bought, nor crafted, so right now this is the best method to collect them. One player even has more than 2,000 of each charm.

Another reason to collect this charm is for the preparation of the upcoming new Rift area. Stay tune for this.

This mouse is easy to attract and not that hard to catch thanks to the lantern luck bonus.

However, the setup is pretty hard:

Required materials:

- 4-8 Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese

- 1 Taunting Charm

- As many Lunar Lantern Candle as you can

Catching phase 1

- Set the faction rage to 48 - 48 - 50 or any combination of it (not 50 - 50 - 50).

- Equip Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese and Taunting Charm

- Lit on the lantern.

- Each time Monstrous Black Widow Mouse is caught, use the Widow's Web to craft Taunting Charm.

- Repeat until you run out of Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese

Catching phase 2

- Equip Taunting Charm along with any string cheese: Magical String Cheese or Brie String Cheese.

- Lit on the lantern as usual.

- Catch the faction bosses until 1 Taunting Charm remains.

- Craft Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese using the loot that you get from the faction bosses.

- Repeat phase 1.


Remember, to always have at least 1 Taunting Charm to continue this cycle.

In the phase 2, you might catch non-faction-boss mouse of any faction which rage is 48. This will increase the faction rage from 48 to 50.

The Monstrous Black Widow Mouse will drop the Plankrun's Whisker Woods Rift Notes if all the faction rage is at 50.

2. Retired Minotaur Mouse & the other Zokor bosses

Location: Labyrinth, Zokor

Reason: Essence of Destruction , Temporal Shadow Plate , Enigmatic Core , Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold

Labyrinth area is famous for its tedious task to collect the key from each area, catch each Zokor boss, to craft the Minotaur Key to open the Minotaur Lair in order to finally catch Retired Minotaur Mouse.

To add more saltiness to this situation, the Mino boss drop that we want is random. Totally random. This is why the price of Essence of Destruction, Temporal Shadow Plate & Enigmatic Core are astronomical in the Marketplace.

Now, with the lantern loot bonus effect, one can be instant-millionaire simply by catching this mouse and getting the rare drop x2 or 3. I only got 2x Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold. Oh well.. Congratulations to the lucky people out there!

3. Ful'mina, The Mountain Queen Mouse

Location: Moussu Picchu

Reason: Ful'Mina's Tooth

As one of the most wanted items in the whole Gnawnia, it is a no-brainer why a number of hunters use the lantern here.

Ful'mina, The Mountain Queen Mouse drops Ful'Mina's Tooth which is worth millions in the Marketplace

Although the drop rate of the tooth is quite low, hunters can keep farming the boss mouse using the to prevent Wind and Rain intensity from decreasing.

4. Twisted Carmine Mouse & the Shattered bosses

Location: Twisted Garden, Sand Crypts, Cursed City

Reason: Icuri Essence

The lantern loot bonus definitely helps the essences, herbs and petal gathering, especially the chests that the bosses drop.

- Twisted Carmine Mouse drops Living Chest which always contains 1 Gur Essence

The essence is used to craft the elusive Icuri Essence which is the main ingredient to craft Shattering Charm. This charm is required to catch one of the Shattered bosses:

- Shattered Carmine Mouse

- King Scarab Mouse

- Dark Magi Mouse

This means that we need 3 Icuri Essence to catch all Shattered bosses, not to mention we also need the essence to craft certain trap blueprints:

- Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints

- Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints

- Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints

Therefore, if you have not finished your business in Twisted Garden area, this might be a good chance to do this.

To be continued to Best use of Lunar Lantern part 2

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