Bristle Woods Rift Guide

November 21, 2018 | Guide

Minimum rank: Grand Duke / Grand DuchessGrand Duke / Grand Duchess
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best RiftRift trap
- Cheese: Brie String Cheese for normal hunt, and Runic String Cheese to catch the boss
- Trap / Base with unique attribute here: None

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Accessing Bristle Woods Rift

First things first, in order to access Bristle Woods Rift, hunters need to have Rift Detector from the Living Garden - Cartographer or Twisted Garden.

2. Entering the Tower

You will start outside the Tower. You can hunt here, but there is no point hunting outside. Lets enter the tower.

There are 13 chambers you can choose to enter later. Each chamber requires you to do specific thing to exit. You can always return to any chamber later as you get stronger in this place. For the details of each chamber, click here.

As for the first time entering the tower, you will always be placed in Gearworks chamber. In this place, the mice drop Tiny Sprocket which works as the currency in this area.

Equip Brie String Cheese to hunt here to get 25 loots to exit this chamber.

Only RiftRift type item is counted as the loot here, for example: Enerchi from Enerchi Charm is not counted, but Calcified Rift Mist does. To quickly clear chamber, you can equip and activating Quantum Quartz later if you have enough of it of course.
Refer to Bonus Loot Setup section below for the setup to maximise your loots.

As you exit this place, you will have 3 chamber portals to choose. If this is your first time hunting here, get in the Ancient Laboratory portal if it is available to continue the progress.

You might also getIngress chamber portal, but you can skip it for now as it gives optional buff.. or curse.

Any Lucky Tower or Hidden Treasury portal is also nice to enter if you want, although it is optional.

Again for the details of each chamber, click here.

3. Brew Ancient String Cheese using Ancient String Cheese Potion

Adventure: Brew Ancient String Cheese
Collect Ancient String Potions in Ancient Labs
Brew Ancient String Cheese

In this place, your target is to get as many Ancient String Cheese Potion as you can as you need to brew Ancient String Cheese to hunt mice with better loots.

There is no special strategy here, just hunt normally with Brie String Cheese as the previous chamber to drain the loot to exit this place.

Brew the Ancient String Cheese using Ancient String Cheese Potion

You need to have at least 15 Ancient String Cheese to unlock Runic Labotarory chamber - to be confimed

4. Brew Runic String Cheese using Runic String Cheese Potion

Adventure: Brew Runic String Cheese
Collect Runic String Potions in Runic Laboratories
Brew Runic String Cheese

Similar to Ancient Laboratory chamber, you need to get as many Runic String Cheese Potion. To do so, equip your Ancient String Cheese to hunt the mice here.

If you are running out of Ancient String Cheese, you can use Brie String Cheese as bait to get the required loots exit this chamber and return here later with enough Ancient String Cheese.

Brew the Runic String Cheese using Runic String Cheese Potion

You need to have at least 20 Runic String Cheese to unlock Timewarp chamber - to be confimed

5. Get Ancient Hourglass by catching Chronomaster Mouse

Adventure: Unlock the Secrets of Time
Catch a Chronomaster Mouse in a Timewarp Chamber
Get Ancient Hourglass

Equip your Runic String Cheese to attract and catch Chronomaster Mouse in Timewarp chamber.
Having the hourglass unlocks the necessary Time Sand collecting task.

6. Collect Time Sand

Adventure: Unlock the Secrets of Time
Collect Time Sand anywhere in the Bristle Woods Rift

You can collect Time Sand now from any mice in Bristle Woods Rift using Runic String Cheese.
The best chamber to farm the sand is at the Timewarp chamber.

Remember that if you are running out of Runic String Cheese, you can re-enter Runic Laboratory to farm the Runic String Cheese Potion to brew more cheese.

You need around 40-60 Time Sand to unlock the final chamber where the boss mouse resides: Acolyte chamber - to be confimed

But before that, we need to do things.

You might also want to farm Quantum Quartz, and continue farming Tiny Sprocket.

Details will be covered next.

7. Collect Quantum Quartz

Before entering the boss chamber, you can strengthen your stats by getting the optional Buffs. To do so, Quantum Quartz is going to be a great help.

The best place to farm Quantum Quartz is the Lucky Tower chamber as mice here drops it.

Alternatively, you can buy it in the Marketplace.

As you continue your journey in this Rift area, you might eventually get Guard Barracks or Frozen Alcove chamber which has helpful Buffs for you. Details of each is in the Chamber table details.

You can also use Portal Scrambler to reset the remove and generate new portals.
Portal Rekindling Key is also available to unfreeze a portal if you have the Frozen Portal Curse.

8. Catch Absolute Acolyte Mouse

Adventure: Enter the Acolyte Chamber and defeat the Absolute Acolyte Mouse!
Enter the Acolyte Chamber

For details on how to remove this curse, clear the Security chamber. As usual, you can always refer to the Chamber table details.

Equip your Runic String Cheese here.
To capture the boss mouse, hunters need to do certain tasks in order:

Adventure: Enter the Acolyte Chamber and defeat the Absolute Acolyte Mouse!
Fully charge the Timesplit Obelisk

i. Charge the Timesplit Obelisk
Charge the obelisk by hunting normally to get at least 100 Rift loots.
This is the part where the Quantum Quartz matter. Make sure you activate it during this phase.

Adventure: Enter the Acolyte Chamber and defeat the Absolute Acolyte Mouse!
Drain the Acolyte's Sand

ii. Drain the boss' Sand

This works similarly as above

Drain the boss' sand by hunting normally until it reaches zero and you can start catching it.

If the Hunter's Time Sand reaches zero they will be transported to a Gearworks chamber. Hunters must then gather more Time Sand before they will be able to find and enter this chamber again. You can continue where you left off, as the game saves the state when you left, including the Obelisk charge or the boss' sand amount.
You can also retreat from this chamber anytime you want and return later and there is no penalty for doing so.

Adventure: Enter the Acolyte Chamber and defeat the Absolute Acolyte Mouse!
Catch an Absolute Acolyte Mouse
Get Mysterious Rift Box

iii. Catch the Absolute Acolyte Mouse

As you catch the boss mouse, you will get a reward box: Mysterious Rift Box which contains Tiny Sprocket and Clockwork Cog. If you are super lucky, you can get Timesplit Rune in it. Hold on to it as I will explain about it later.

Now the very first recommended top priority extremely-important item to get is the Riftstalker Codex as it improves your power by A LOT!! And the best part is, you can purchase it now. Just head on to Bristle Woods Rift - General Store to purchase it with your Clockwork Cog from the boss mouse. Null Gauntlet is also a pre-requisite to buy this item.

That is it, folks! But wait, there is more!!

You can strengthen your stats in this location more by collecting Tiny Sprocket.

You remember that I mention it as the currency here, right?

Bonus Loot Setup

In order to get as many loots as you can, you can use the following setup:
- or your best RiftRift trap
Your best RiftRift base
Thanks to Norm@Discord and Dregen@Discord for the Bonus Loot Setup reminder and info
Thanks to qarkusiva@Discord for the Crystalabra info


The Bristle Woods Rift - Trapsmith has interesting items to offer:
- Timesplit Dissonance Trap - Currently the strongest RiftRift trap

Each requires a number of Timesplit Rune and Clockwork Cog

You can buy them using your Tiny Sprocket in Bristle Woods Rift - General Store
Bristle Woods Rift Treasure Map is also available if you want to get extra Potions or Sprocket:

Click here for the list of each mice with details on the necessary bait and location: Bristle Woods Rift mice.

Alternatively to farm both, you can keep catching the boss mouse

As the number of times you catch Absolute Acolyte Mouse grows, you get better reward:
- Mysterious Rift Box - Only obtainable on the 1st-9th Absolute Acolyte Mouse
5% chance to contain 1 Timesplit Rune
- Mysterious Bronze Rift Box - Only obtainable on the 10th-99th Absolute Acolyte Mouse
15% chance to contain 1 Timesplit Rune
- Mysterious Silver Rift Box - Only obtainable on the 100th-499th Absolute Acolyte Mouse
100% chance to contain 1 Timesplit Rune
- Mysterious Gold Rift Box - Only obtainable on the 500th Absolute Acolyte Mouse onwards
100% chance to contain 2 Timesplit Rune - to be confimed

Just click on the box for details of the content rewards

Boss Speed Run Farming Tips
"About the 3 mini games (chambers), only 1 is useful, (which is) Guard Barrack to keep the Portal Paladin Mouse away, the recommended setup is Magical String Cheese and Rift Vacuum Charm. After getting the Paladin's Bane Buff, 49 LuckLuck can 100% catch all mice except Absolute Acolyte Mouse. Speed run is possible."
- Agustinus Vitrio, currently #1 hunter in catching Absolute Acolyte Mouse

He currently has caught 427 and has been hunting in Bristle Woods Rift since its release day.

His setup: Timesplit Dissonance Trap, Clockwork Base, 1000+ Rift Antiskele Charm, 800+ Runic String Cheese

He might be the first hunter to open the Mysterious Gold Rift Box which is predicted to be 2 months from now.

Good luck, man!

You can farm many things in Bristle Woods Rift to sell the following at the Marketplace:
Timesplit Rune - Always on demand

This area is a permanent area

Details Icon Chamber Goal Loot
Gearworks Get all loots: Tiny Sprocket 25
Frozen Alcove Get all loots within 15 hunts or you will get Frozen Portals Curse 35
Furnace Room Get all loots to remove Frozen Portals Curse 10
Guard Barracks Catch a Portal Paladin Mouse more frequently than every 5th mouse or you will get the Unlucky Alarm Curse 40
Security Chamber Get all loots to remove the Unlucky Alarm Curse 10
Ingress Chamber Get all loots before you fail to catch 3 Portal Pursuer Mouse or you will get the Pursued Curse 25
Pursuer Mousoleum Get all loots to remove the Pursued Curse 10
Timewarp Get the Ancient Hourglass from Chronomaster Mouse and fill it with Time Sand 30
Acolyte 1.Charge the Obelisk.
2.Drain Acolyte's Sand to catch.
3.Catch Absolute Acolyte Mouse
Ancient Laboratory Get Ancient String Cheese Potion 35
Runic Laboratory Get Runic String Cheese Potion 30
Hidden Treasury Get all loots: Bonus Gold and Rift Wealth Charm 99
Lucky Tower Get all loots: Quantum Quartz and Rift Luck Charm 99