Calm Clearing Guide

January 05, 2019 | Guide

Minimum rank: Journeyman / JourneywomanJourneyman / Journeywoman
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese:
-- Any standard cheese,
- Item with unique attribute here: None
Main Goal:

Walkthrough Guide:

The guide for this location is pretty straight forward as there is not much to do here other than keep hunting the mice.

1. Collect 4 Splintered Wood to craft Dehydration Base

There are 2 mice here that drop the Splintered Wood:

Shaman Mouse

Treant Mouse

Both can be attracted using the standard cheese, Swiss Cheese should be enough.

2. Craft Dehydration Base

Once you have got the 4 Splintered Wood, you can now craft the Dehydration Base.

Here is the ingredient list:

4 x Splintered Wood

1 x - Sold at Harbour - General Store for 22,330 goldgold

213 x Salt - Sold at many General Stores, including the one at Harbour

You might also want to upgrade your trap if you have not. Swiss Army Mouse Trap or NVMRC Forcefield Trap might be a good choice unless you have better trap.

3. Catch Cyclops Mouse

Adventure: Catch a Cyclops Mouse and find the Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece
Catch Cyclops Mouse
Get Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece

There is no quick way to catch Cyclops Mouse. It is by pure luck.

Catching the Cyclops Mouse also nets you Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece which unlocks Great Gnarled Tree accessible only from MasterMaster and above.

Cyclops Mouse

As you need to reach MasterMaster, this is a good place to keep hunting to level up.

Do not forget to claim your Adventure Book reward bonus after catching the boss mouse.


Catch Cherry Mouse using the Cherry Cheese

You can use the Cherry Potion dropped in this location to make Cherry Cheese.
Use the Cherry Cheese to attract and catch Cherry Mouse here.
Cherry Mouse

Some veteran players hoard the Cherry Cheese for the Calm Clearing Tournament as catching Cherry Mouse gives a lot of tournament points. Thus, you might want to collect the Cherry Potion while hunting here.

If you have reached MasterMaster, you can continue your journey: Laboratory Guide

or Great Gnarled Tree. Here is the guide: Great Gnarled Tree Guide

Calm Clearing is a permanent area