Great Gnarled Tree Guide

January 09, 2019 | Guide

Minimum rank: MasterMaster
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best TacticalTactical trap
- Cheese: Any standard cheese
Target mouse: Fairy Mouse
Main Goal:
- Catch Fairy Mouse to get Map of the Lagoon to unlock Lagoon

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Accessing Great Gnarled Tree

To access this place, you need to have at least rank MasterMaster and have Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece.

For details on how to get the map piece, go to Calm Clearing Guide

2. Buy Venus Mouse Trap

Now that you are here, you can get a new TacticalTactical trap here.

Buy the Venus Mouse Trap in the Great Gnarled Tree - Trapsmith for 299,650 goldgold.

However, if you have a better TacticalTactical trap from any event, then you do not need to buy this trap.

3. Upgrade Venus Mouse Trap to Mutated Venus Mouse Trap

The good thing about your new trap is that you can upgrade it to Mutated Venus Mouse Trap.

To upgrade you need to 2 things:

- 20 Radioactive Sludge

You might already have these if you have cleared Laboratory area, because whenever your Radioactive Blue Cheese goes stale, you will get Radioactive Sludge.

If you have not got 20 of this, you can hunt in Laboratory using Radioactive Blue Cheese while leveling up your rank.

Alternatively, you can force stale the Radioactive Blue Cheese by equipping trap and base with most stale cheese effect such as Sinister Portal Trap and Explosive Base.

- 1 Venus Mouse Trap Husk

Go to Inventory > Crafting > Hunter's Hammer to smash your Venus Mouse Trap to get it.

The trap needs to be unequipped before you can smash it.

- 827,500 points

Just keep hunting with the Venus Mouse Trap until you have enough points.

If you already smash the trap while you do not have enough points, you can re-craft the trap in Inventory > Crafting using only Venus Mouse Trap.

4. Catch Fairy Mouse

Adventure: Catch a Fairy Mouse and find the Gnarled Tree Map Piece
Catch Fairy Mouse
Get Map of the Lagoon

Equip your standard cheese to attract and catch Fairy Mouse.

Catching the Fairy Mouse also nets you Map of the Lagoon which unlocks Lagoon accessible only from GrandmasterGrandmaster and above.

Fairy Mouse

It might take some time to catch the mouse, meanwhile you can also collect the Gnarled Potion as you need it for the next unlocked area which is Lagoon.

Just continue hunting until you get promoted to GrandmasterGrandmaster.

You can continue your journey to Lagoon or Furoma's .

It is recommended to go to first to upgrade your trap for easier progress in the Lagoon later. However, the choice is yours.

If you choose Lagoon, head to Lagoon Guide

Otherwise for Furoma's , head to Training Ground Guide

Great Gnarled Tree is a permanent area