Harbour Guide

December 29, 2018 | Guide

Minimum rank: InitiateInitiate
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese: Any cheese
- Trap / Base with unique attribute here: None
Boss mouse: None
Main Goal:
- Catch pirate crew mice
- Get Calm Clearing Map Piece to unlock Calm Clearing

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Catch Pirate Mouse

Adventure: Catch a Pirate Mouse to Obtain a Crew Manifest
Catch Pirate Mouse

If this is your first time here, you will need to catch Pirate Mouse to start the minigame to capture the pirate crew mice.

Equip any standard cheese to attract and catch the mouse.
Pirate Mouse

2. Defeat the Pirate crew ships

Adventure: Defeat Pirate Ships to Recover Map Scraps
Defeat 5 Pirate Ships
Collect 5 Map Scraps
Adventure: Repair the Calm Clearing Map Piece
Combine the Map Scraps to repair the Calm Clearing Map Piece

Once you have captured Pirate Mouse, you can start searching the pirate crew to catch.

Click "Begin Search" and you will be presented with the target Pirate crew mice to catch to complete the bounty.

Capturing all crews will give you A Map Scrap. You need to collect 5 of this to combine to get the Calm Clearing Map Piece.

You can begin another search by re-capturing Pirate Mouse. This mouse is only available to catch when you have no active bounty.

You can re-do the bounty to your heart's content as there is no limit to reach Journeyman / JourneywomanJourneyman / Journeywoman or you can go back to Windmill to farm Captain Croissant Mouse

Then you can move to Calm Clearing or Mountain to continue your journey.

Click the following links for the guide according to the location you choose:

Mountain Guide - Recommended to choose this to enable equipping Charm.

Calm Clearing Guide

Harbour is a permanent area