How to play Mousehunt Guide

December 11, 2018 | Guide
How to play Mousehunt Guide

Welcome to Mousehunt!!

A game of catching interesting-looking mice with supportive community developed by Hitgrab.

If you want to know how to play this game, then the following basic information might help you.

1. Installation

Mousehunt is playable in both PC and mobile devices.
For the PC version, there is no need to install anything as you can simply head to to make your new account.
Or you can use your Facebook account to play this game, by going to

For the mobile versions, you can click on the following to start installing:

Android app on Google Play

2. How to Hunt

Once you are in the game, you will be presented with a screen showing a trap and bait and many things.

Simply follow the arrow as this game has good tutorial instructions.

This game has unique hunting system. As a mouse hunter, you do not actually need to actively look around for a mouse to hunt.

The way this game works is for us to sound the Hunter's Horn for the mouse to come to the trap and get caught by it.

For that to happen you need to equip your trap and put a cheese bait to start attracting any mouse.

If you follow the in-game tutorial, you might have already sounded the horn and caught a mouse.

Congratulations on catching your first mouse!!

As written in the in-game tutorial, you will get points and GoldGold by catching mouse.
The GoldGold is the generic in-game currency. However, later on the game will introduce more currencies to buy better and stronger traps.

As you advance the location, you will meet stronger mice and might start failing in catching mouse.
You can increase your success rate by upgrading your traps.

For now, keep sounding the horn and follow the instructions.

3. The Shops

Once you have sounded the horn 3x, you will notice that you are running out of cheese.

You can always restock cheese by going to the Cheese Shop.

You might also notice that there are various available shops.

- Cheese Shop: Buy cheese or sell your excess cheese here.

- Trapsmith: Get any better traps and bases here. You can also sell some if you need urgent GoldGold

- Charm Shop: Charm increases the stats of your trap. We will deal with this later once we hit the Mountain area

- General Store: Various items are sold here mostly used for crafting. Each General Store is unique to its location, and sells different items.

- Cartographer: This shop sell and repair maps. Map is required to unlock new area or to start a treasure hunt.

- King's Cart: A special shop using as its currency. We will talk about this more once we hit the King's Arms area.

In addition, sometimes the mouse also drop cheese, GoldGold and any other materials.
For now, buy some Cheddar Cheese or any cheese of your choice for the bait and keep sounding the horn.

4. Rank system

As you progress the game, your rank will increase.
If you follow the tutorial, you will notice that you are currently in NoviceNovice rank.
There are a number of ranks. Each rank has its own benefits, such as unlocking more locations, equipping certain traps, and better crafting result.

Keep sounding the horn until you advance to the next rank which is RecruitRecruit.

5. Travelling

Getting this new rank enables you to travel to Town of Gnawnia, so let's travel there and continue this guide in the Town of Gnawnia Guide.

Meadow is a permanent area

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