Laboratory Guide

January 07, 2019 | Guide

Minimum rank: MasterMaster
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese:
-- Any standard cheese,
Boss mouse: Monster Mouse
Main Goal:

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Collect Radioactive Blue Potion to brew Radioactive Blue Cheese

Adventure: Collect Radioactive Blue Potions and Brew Some Cheese
Get Radioactive Blue Potion
or Get Greater Radioactive Blue Potion
Brew Radioactive Blue Cheese using a potion

There is no special strategy here. Simply equip your best equipment and any standard cheese to catch the mice for the Radioactive Blue Potion loot. Collect this potion as many as you can since you will need it not just in Laboratory but in the next area as well, which is Mousoleum.

You can brew the Radioactive Blue Cheese using the potions you collect in the Inventory > Potions page.

2. Catch Monster Mouse using Radioactive Blue Cheese

Adventure: Catch the Powerful Monster Mouse and get the Map to the Mousoleum
Catch Monster Mouse
Get Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece

Equip your Radioactive Blue Cheese to attract and catch Monster Mouse.

Catching the Monster Mouse also nets you Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece which unlocks Mousoleum accessible only from MasterMaster and above.

Monster Mouse

You can continue your journey: Mousoleum Guide


You might already notice that everytime your Radioactive Blue Cheese goes stale, it becomes Radioactive Sludge.

You need to have 20 of this sludge to craft a certain TacticalTactical trap later in Great Gnarled Tree later. So better stock up now. For details, go to Great Gnarled Tree Guide

Laboratory is a permanent area