Mountain Guide

January 04, 2019 | Guide

Minimum rank: Journeyman / JourneywomanJourneyman / Journeywoman
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese:
-- Any standard cheese,
-- Chedd-Ore Cheese to attract mice with Faceted Sugar and Iced Curd,
-- Abominable Asiago Cheese to catch the boss mouse
- Item with unique attribute here: Power Charm and any other Power charm
Main Goal:

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Strengthen your stats with Charm Conduit

Adventure: Obtain a Charm Conduit and Charms from the Mountain
Purchase a Charm Conduit from the Mountain Charm Shoppe

If this is your first time here, you need to buy the Charm Conduit.

With the Charm Conduit is in your inventory, you will be able to equip any charm to strengthen your stats.

The item is available to purchase in the Mountain - Charm Shoppe for 1,000 goldgold.

2. Equip Power Charm

Adventure: Obtain a Charm Conduit and Charms from the Mountain
Collect Small Power Charms from mice

Mountain - Charm Shoppe sells Power Charm for 200 goldgold each.

If you do not have this charm yet, you need to buy this or loot from any captured moues. 10-30 should be suffice to help you progress with the adventure here.

Make sure you equip the Power Charm.

3. Break boulder to get Chedd-Ore Cheese

Adventure: Break a Boulder
Break a boulder by arming and hunting with Power Charms
Obtain Chedd-ore Cheese from inside of boulders

Catching any mouse with Power Charm equipped does damage to the boulder.

The boulder has 1,000 HP.

Keep hunting mouse here with the charm until you destroy the boulder.

4. Hunt with Chedd-Ore Cheese to get materials to craft Abominable Asiago Cheese

Adventure: Arm Chedd-Ore and Gather Supplies to Craft Abominable Asiago Cheese
Obtain Faceted Sugar from the mice attracted to Chedd-Ore Cheese
Obtain Iced Curd from the mice attracted to Chedd-Ore Cheese
Craft Abominable Asiago Cheese using the Recipe Book

Destroying the boulder gets you Chedd-Ore Cheese, which you can use as bait to attract mice that drop Faceted Sugar and Iced Curd. You need these as the materials to craft Abominable Asiago Cheese.

You need 3 of each to make a batch of 3 Abominable Asiago Cheese, 5 by adding 1 Magic Essence.

5. Catch Abominable Snow Mouse with Abominable Asiago Cheese

Adventure: Catch an Abominable Snow Mouse and Find the Laboratory Map Piece
Catch an Abominable Snow Mouse
Get Laboratory Map Piece

Now that you have the required cheese, you can start attracting and hopefully catching the boss mouse.

Abominable Snow Mouse

If you run out of the cheese, you can just repeat the process to crafting materials.

The Abominable Snow Mouse drops Laboratory Map Piece which is required to unlock Laboratory.

Do not forget to claim your Adventure Book reward bonus after catching the boss mouse.

If you have reached MasterMaster, you can continue your journey: Laboratory Guide

else, you can go to Calm Clearing. Here is the guide: Calm Clearing Guide

Mountain is a permanent area