Mousehunt Halloween 2019 Event Guide

October 23, 2019 | Guide
Mousehunt Halloween 2019 Event Guide

The creepy event, Mousehunt Halloween 2019 is HERE!!

What's New:

No New Mouse

Yes, confirmed there is no new mouse

New Items to collect

Trap: Cemetery Gate Grappler Trap
How to get: Earn 800 Spooky Ship Parts. Details below

This is the weakest DraconicDraconic trap ever released so far based on the list here: Best Traps and Bases

if you are a new player, this will certainly come in handy to hunt your first DraconicDraconic mice in Dracano

Otherwise, just treat this as something new to collect. It is free!! Why not?

Base: Hallowed Ground Base
How to get: Earn 400 Spooky Ship Parts. Details below

This base is to boost new players. This is also the better version of Halloween event base such as Deadwood Plank Base

Skin: Pearly Gate Grappler Trap Skin

For trap: Cemetery Gate Grappler Trap

How to get: Earn 1,200 Spooky Ship Parts. Details below

Skin: Terrifying Terrorsplit Squash Trap Skin

For trap: Timesplit Dissonance Trap

How to get: Donation for $3

A terror-inducing squash decorated in harrowing, haunting Halloween fashion! Mice caught with this dressed up version of the Timesplit Dissonance Trap experience an infinite timeline of Halloween celebration!

Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of purchase.

Happy Halloween Journal Theme
How to get: Earn 1,400 Spooky Ship Parts. Details below

Make your Hunter's Journal on your profile happy and spooky to celebrate the Halloween 2019.

Spooky Reward Box
How to get: Earn 1,800 Spooky Ship Parts. Details below

Highly recommended to get since opening this will get you:

25 Ultimate Spooky Charm

10 Spooky Shuffle Ticket

250 SUPER|brie+

500 King's Credit

Rift Spooky Charm
How to get: Hunt any mouse in the Rift Gauntlet Tower of Valour Rift

For details of this new charm, click the charm name above.

The following mice drop the charm:

What To Do

In this event, hunters need to sink the ghostships as listed in the Adventure section. It is pretty similar to Halloween event 2018, however there is no new mouse.

1. Gather Ghastly Galleon Gouda cheese

Adventure: Gather Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Collect Ghastly Galleon Gouda in a Haunted Stockpile Location

You can get the cheese by catching the mice in the Haunted Stockpile location:

Town of Gnawnia




Slushy Shoreline

Sunken City

Fiery Warpath

Muridae Market

Queso River

Fungal Cavern

Moussu Picchu

Gnawnia Rift

Valour Rift - Get the cannonballs as loots while hunting in the entrance (outside the, and get Rift Spooky Charm while hunting specific mice in the tower. Check out the mice list in the "New Items" section above.

2. Hunt with the cheese to get Ethereal Cannonball

Adventure: Collect Ethereal Cannonballs
Arm Ghastly Galleon Gouda in any Haunted Stockpile Location and collect Ethereal Cannonballs

The Halloween mice will drop this item which can be used to shoot the ghostships to get Spooky Ship Parts.

Alternatively, you can use Ghostfire Cannonball to get more ship parts.

Here is the details:

Firing an Ethereal Cannonball earns 5 Spooky Ship Parts

Firing a Ghostfire Cannonball earns 6 Spooky Ship Parts

In addition to that, you can automatically earn 30 Boosted Cannonball shots every new Gnawnian Day. Boosted shots add +1 bonus Spooky Ship Parts each hunt. Boosted shots will refresh every 24 hours until the event ends.

While cannonballs are actively firing, each and every hunt will earn ship parts regardless of hunting outcome.

The Ghostfire Cannonball is dropped by the Halloween boss mice in the past such as Admiral Arrrgh Mouse.

These mice can also be encountered with at a slighty lower rate.

Lockbox Limburger Cheese, which was available last year, can no longer be obtained.

Also remember that if you hunt in Valour Rift, only the mice outside the tower can be attracted by the Ghastly Galleon Gouda

3. Collect Rewards

Collect Supplies
Arm your cannon and use it to collect 200 Spooky Ship Parts from any mouse
Claim Rewards
Claim 3 rewards from the Grand Ghostship's cargo hold

Keep firing to the ghost ship. You do not need to be in the Stockpile location to shoot the ship.

The first milestone in the adventure book is to collect 200 Spooky Ship Parts

There are 10 spooky rewards available to be claimed from the Grand Ghostship's cargo hold. Whenever you have collected enough ship parts, you can cash them in to claim a reward from the ghostship's cargo hold.

Each reward will need to be claimed by pressing a 'Claim' button to be added into your inventory or account.

Here is the reward list:

200x Spooky Ship Parts = +1 Week Spooky Aura
1000x Spooky Ship Parts = +1 Week Spooky Aura
2000x Spooky Ship Parts = +2 Weeks Spooky Aura

Once all 10 have been claimed, you can then spend any additional ship parts in the various shoppes for Halloween-themed charms, Spooky Shuffle Tickets, and more!

The Spooky Aura provides bonus loot and a 30% Power Bonus to your trap!
When the aura is active, hunters will receive...
• 30% Power Bonus
• Chance to find Wealth Charm
• Chance to find Cursed Gold

There is a total of 4-week duration for the Spooky Aura to have in this event.
Some players recommend to claim the Spooky Aura near the end of the event so that it can be used for hunting anything non-Halloween-related.


The classic Trick-or-Treat reward from in-game friend profile pages is not available in this year's event

Spooky Shuffle

The Halloween Spooky Shuffle mini game is back.

Treasure Chest

No new Halloween map this year, however you can for sure use the Halloween scroll case from previous years to hunt the Halloween mice.


The following baskets are from the Donate section

and many previous Halloween-themed basket items

The event will run for 2 weeks. The event end date is Wednesday, 6 November 2019

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