Mousoleum Guide

October 20, 2018 | Guide

Minimum rank: MasterMaster
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best ShadowShadow trap
- Cheese: Radioactive Blue Cheese for normal hunt, Crimson Cheese to catch the boss
- Trap / Base with unique attribute here: Creepy Coffin Trap

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Obtain a ShadowShadow trap

Adventure: Obtain a Shadow trap
Obtain a Shadow Trap from the Trapsmith to use in the Mousoleum

In this place, you have to equip your best ShadowShadow trap to catch the mice here.

If you do not have any ShadowShadow trap yet, you can buy the Ambrosial Portal Trap or Sinister Portal Trap for 8,000 goldgold and 9,800 goldgold respectively from Mousoleum - Trapsmith.

Alternatively they are also available at the same price at the following stores:

- Town of Digby - Trapsmith

- Laboratory - Trapsmith

In addition, if you want to support Mousehunt, you can also buy Creepy Coffin Trap from Mousoleum - Trapsmith. It is stronger Shadow trap than the 2 above. It costs only $1 and gives you Lucky Shield (LuckLuck bonus) for 1 month.

But if you already have any better ShadowShadow trap, use that instead of course.

Thank you to /u/aswifte@Reddit for letting me know about the price of the Shadow traps have been reduced starting from Halloween 2018

2. Brew Radioactive Blue Cheese using or Greater Radioactive Blue Potion

To hunt the mice here, you need to use Radioactive Blue Cheese.
To get that cheese, you need to convert your Brie Cheese into Radioactive Blue Cheese using the or Greater Radioactive Blue Potion.

You do not need to convert all your Brie Cheese at once. It is recommended to convert with small amounts of potions.

As converting the cheese consumes gold, you do not have to convert all your Brie at once; just convert with 1 or 2 potions, and use the gold you will be earning to convert more. Also note that as you level up, your potions become more effective and can convert more cheese. This is another reason not to use all your potions at once.

3. Collect 30 Cemetery Slat to Build a Barricade

Adventure: Travel to the Mousoleum and Collect Cemetery Slats to Build a Barricade
Collect Cemetery Slats from the Mousoleum
Build a barricade using 30 Cemetery Slats to keep out the zombies

Now that we have the setup ready, the hunt is on!

The next target is to collect the Cemetery Slat dropped by the mice.

You need 30 of the slats to build the barricade to keep out the zombies
The barricade lasts for 30 hunts, which means that after 30 hunts you need another 30 slats to rebuild it.

Continue converting Brie Cheese into Radioactive Blue Cheese as needed.

4. Craft Crimson Cheese by gathering enough Crimson Curd from barricaded mice

Adventure: Craft Crimson Cheese and Capture Mousevina von Vermin
Collect 6 Crimson Curds
Craft Crimson Cheese using Crimson Curds

Larry says, "With the barricade up, you will now be able to explore the tombs where the more powerful ghostly, ghoulish and vampiric mice reside."

The mice during the barricade phase drop Crimson Curd which is required to craft Crimson Cheese.

5. Use Crimson Cheese to attract and capture Mousevina von Vermin

Adventure: Craft Crimson Cheese and Capture Mousevina von Vermin
Catch Mousevina von Vermin by arming Crimson Cheese

And finally is to catch the boss, which is Mousevina von Vermin.

Simply equip Crimson Cheese to do so, and once it is captured, your adventure in Mousoleum is pretty much done.

You will also get Shredded Furoma Map Piece for catching it. You can repair this to be Stitched Furoma Map Piece in Bazaar - Cartographer to access Furoma region once you hit GrandmasterGrandmaster.

Do not forget to claim the "Slay Mousevina von Vermin" Adventure to get bonus gold and points.

6. Preparation for next

If this is your first time clearing Mousoleum, then the next area to visit is Great Gnarled Tree.

But before you go, keep hunting here to collect Radioactive Blue Potion to brew at least 30 Radioactive Blue Cheese.

If you have cleared Great Gnarled Tree and this area, it is recommended to hunt in Great Gnarled Tree until you reach GrandmasterGrandmaster as the mice there drop Gnarled Potion required for next area, Lagoon.

For details, go to Great Gnarled Tree Guide.

You might also want to catch Lycan Mouse in Mousoleum.

Note that starting from Halloween 2018, this mouse no longer drops Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

To greatly attract it, you need to equip Moon Cheese or Crescent Cheese as bait with the Barricade built.
You can either craft using Moon Cheese or Crescent Cheese, or buy it from the marketplace.

Thank you "coolboy98#0785@Discord" for reminding me about Crescent Cheese

Mousoleum area is a permanent area