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Astral Airship Hull
Group Stat
Sub Group Cosmetics
Tradeable No
Refundable No
Limited Edition No
This magnificent design was the result of the first (and last) attempt at a unified Floating Islands space program. The initial intent was to build an airship capable of reaching the moon but soon after the project began, the island engineers came to the collective realization that they had no idea what they were doing. Rather than scrapping the project entirely, they decided to pivot to something more familiar: astrological magic and wonderment!

The Floating Islanders are well-known for their keen connection to astrology which they believe is due to them living so much closer to the stars. Using this profound knowledge, they were able to construct the most magical ship ever built! This celestial beauty is capable of navigating the skies swiftly and comfortably regardless of the retrograde and even comes complete with its own ephemeris and horoscope forecaster!

This is the Hull from the Astral Airship Set. Equip this on your airship using the Workshop at the Launch Pad in the Floating Islands.
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