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Group Base
Refundable Yes
Refund Price 14,200 goldgold
Refund Ratio 15.777777777778%
Limited Edition No
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 200
Power Bonus 10%
Attraction Bonus 5%
Luck None
Cheese Effect Very Fresh
How to get
Sold At
The Trapsmith's official name for this base is the Bamboozler, but among the populace, it has another, more sinister name: The Bamboozling Bamboo Base of Boo-Boos. Its fresh wood scent is irresistible to clean freaks, and boosts the attraction rate of your cheese, but that’s not all. The base is also precision built from only the strongest cuts of bamboo, increasing weapon stability and adding a power bonus.
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