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Group Trap
Sub Group Draconic
Refundable No
Limited Edition No
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 6,200
Power Bonus 18%
Attraction Bonus 15%
Luck 20
Cheese Effect Stale
How to get
Produced using Recipe(s)
A chrome coated Storm Module with some other minor modifications has created this powerful and beautiful trap that even the great Ful'Mina herself can't scoff at.

Firing overcharged harpoons, this upgraded model is magnetic and doesn't require a tether to reel the dragons in. After being speared, the harpoon releases its stored electricity into the target to incapacitate it. The trap then uses its vast power to create a focused electromagnetic field that brings the spear back with everything attached to it.

Enhanced by dark dragon magic drawn from Ful'Mina's powerful tooth, its powerful storm vortex can rip an additional Dragon Scale from the clutches of its victims.
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