Chrome Thought Obliterator Upgrade Kit

Chrome Thought Obliterator Upgrade Kit
Group Crafting Item
Crafting Group Equipment
Tradeable No
Refundable No
How to get
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A stylized bottle of a unique, thoughtwave magnifying chrome. The bottle dances when someone nearby is thinking of it.

Installation is simple! Smash your Thought Obliterator and place its pieces into a box along with the content of the bottle. Shake, don't stir, and presto! The jewels will pull your trap back together into a shiny new Chrome Thought Obliterator trap!

Use this kit with Thought Obliterator Trap Parts to create:

Chrome Thought Obliterator

A mystical stone structure soaked in thought wave magnifying chrome. The resonance of the the chrome amplifies the thought projections of the encased jewels, allowing them to grasp the minds of mice from further away. The mind erasure process is even faster as everything the mice experience is chrome! The jewels work their magic until the victim's mind is as spotless and shiny as the chrome itself.

Power: 16025
Power Bonus: 25%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 21
Power Type: Forgotten
Title Required: Archduke/Archduchess
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh

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