Infinite Dark Draculoids Trap Skin

Group Skin
Tradeable No
Refundable No
Limited Edition No
For Traps
For use with:
Infinite Dark Magic Mirrors TrapUtilizing a specially crafted coffin made from discarded Dark Magic Mirror Traps, this daring yet ominous design creates realistic illusionary duplicates of itself. It is equipped with a custom-made Draculoidâ„¢ bot that employs infrared technology to effectively track mice in the dark.

Once triggered, the coffin creaks open in a dramatic flair to arrest the gaze of the unsuspecting mouse who triggered it. With its gaze affixed on the coffin, hauntingly real illusions start to encroach on the mouse from all sides, causing confusion and preventing their escape until the Draculoidâ„¢ can descend upon its prey...
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