Jacked Rabbot™ Trap

Group Trap
Sub Group Physical
Refundable No
Limited Edition No
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 6,600
Power Bonus 15%
Attraction Bonus 20%
Luck 25
Cheese Effect Fresh
This trap is designed to look like a muscular Jackrabbit, complete with detailed musculature and a realistic rabbit fur tank top. A brawny, hulking, and jacked-up bot that blends in with the local fauna looking like an innocent rabbit.

Once activated, the Rabbot rises and springs into action! Using a multitude of wrestling manoeuvres, it can easily subdue a mouse until it can be safely and humanely disposed of.

In addition to being highly effective at catching mice, the Jacked Rabbot™ trap is also an attractive and unique decorative addition to any home or business. Its lifelike design makes it a conversation starter and its durability ensures that it will be a reliable mouse trap for years to come.
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