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Group Trap
Sub Group Arcane
Refundable No
Limited Edition Yes
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 3,500
Power Bonus 9%
Attraction Bonus 9%
Luck 9
Cheese Effect Very Fresh
Happy birthday! A magically charged, sprinkle-laden cupcake burns with an intense flame to attract mice looking for something sugary sweet.

Once a mouse is detected nearby, the enchanted sprinkles begin to dance about, humming "Happy Birthday" as they swirl around and lift the mouse up to the mighty candle on top to blow it out to celebrate. Once it does, the enchantment is complete and the mouse is then turned into a magical sprinkle to join the rest until the next mouse comes along.

Remember this event with this celebratory trap commemorating MouseHunt's 9th Birthday!
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