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Group Trap
Sub Group Shadow Power
Refundable No
Limited Edition Yes
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 3,500
Power Bonus 10%
Attraction Bonus 10%
Luck 15
Cheese Effect Stale
Legend has it that this was once a lavish home for sinister mice who eventually met a tragic end. It is believed that their dark spirits remain trapped within these walls for all eternity. These poltergeists now spend their cursed afterlife luring in others of their kind so that they may have company to share in their torment.

Hunters have been telling this ghost story around the campfire for years but no one really knows if there is any truth to it and anyone who has ever gone in to find out has never come out again. Most hunters are content to just let the trap do its job without asking too many questions.

Good luck finding a way out if you happen to get caught inside! You may come for a night, but you'll stay forever!

This trap has a rare chance to drop a Spooky Charm when a mouse is caught!
Haunted Estate Set
Required: The Haunted Manor, Condemned Base
Set Bonus (2 pieces):
  • Upgrades the charm dropped to a Super Spooky Charm!
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