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Group Base
Sub Group Zokor
Refundable No
Limited Edition Yes
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 500
Power Bonus 15%
Attraction Bonus 5%
Luck 10
Cheese Effect No Effect
This remarkable base was designed by a group of clever yet morally-dubious hunters who pooled their knowledge and resources to create a base that could properly pillage the city of Zokor.

Some of them preferred a slow and quiet approach whereas others just wanted to smash and grab. After a lengthy debate, they finally decided: "Why not both?" And thus, the first truly switchable base was created.

Upon entering Zokor, hunters will be able to switch this base to one of the following modes:

Stealth Mode:
Provides a 50% chance to not lose Stealth.

Heist Mode:
Doubles Stealth lost but also doubles Fealty, Tech, and Scholar district loot gained.

This base does not affect loot drops in the Minotaur's Lair.
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