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Easy Grand Ghostship Map
From Scroll Case Sealed Ghostship Scroll Case
Event Only Yes
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Candy Cat Mouse 85.16%
Hollowhead Mouse 80.47%
Treat Mouse 80.47%
Zombot Unipire Mouse 79.69%
Spirit Light Mouse 78.91%
Trick Mouse 76.56%
Tricky Witch Mouse 75.00%
Cobweb Mouse 72.66%
Teenage Vampire Mouse 71.09%
Gourdborg Mouse 37.50%
Titanic Brain-Taker Mouse 34.38%
Mousataur Priestess Mouse 32.81%
Sandmouse 32.81%
Grey Recluse Mouse 32.03%
Grave Robber Mouse 30.47%
Swamp Thang Mouse 28.91%
Bonbon Gummy Globlin Mouse 27.34%
Captain Cannonball Mouse 27.34%
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