Easy Treasure Map

Easy Treasure Map
From Scroll Case Relic Hunter Scroll Case
Event Only No
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Previous treasure chest prize
Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Field Mouse 61.40%
Granite Mouse 60.90%
Lightning Rod Mouse 60.64%
Gold Mouse 60.54%
Dwarf Mouse 60.49%
White Mouse 60.21%
Spud Mouse 60.00%
Pirate Mouse 59.99%
Cowardly Mouse 59.84%
Bionic Mouse 59.69%
Grey Mouse 59.65%
Brown Mouse 59.60%
Steel Mouse 59.52%
Diamond Mouse 59.41%
Scruffy Mouse 59.15%
Frozen Mouse 59.06%
Spotted Mouse 58.85%
Slope Swimmer Mouse 56.59%
Mountain Mouse 56.55%
Craggy Ore Mouse 56.47%
Winter Games Mouse 42.65%
Extreme Everysports Mouse 42.23%
Hurdle Mouse 41.65%
Wave Racer Mouse 41.61%
Trampoline Mouse 41.52%
Silvertail Mouse 10.59%
Farmhand Mouse 10.33%
Longtail Mouse 10.33%
Zombie Mouse 10.14%
Tiny Mouse 10.01%
Flying Mouse 9.98%
Fog Mouse 9.90%
Pugilist Mouse 9.72%
Speedy Mouse 9.62%
Frosty Snow Mouse 9.18%
Ninja Mouse 0.30%
Master Burglar Mouse 0.30%
Burglar Mouse 0.15%
Black Widow Mouse 0.11%
Magic Mouse 0.06%
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