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Lightning Treasure Map
From Scroll Case Lightning Scroll Case
Event Only No
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Ful'mina, The Mountain Queen Mouse 100.00%
Menace of the Rift Mouse 90.00%
King Grub Mouse 89.89%
Retired Minotaur Mouse 89.50%
M400 Mouse 89.50%
Dragon Mouse 89.39%
Monstrous Black Widow Mouse 89.22%
Paladin Weapon Master Mouse 89.22%
Grand Master of the Dojo Mouse 89.17%
Tritus Mouse 89.13%
Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs Mouse 89.11%
Mage Weaver Mouse 89.09%
Mystic King Mouse 89.02%
Warmonger Mouse 89.00%
Cyclops Barbarian Mouse 88.98%
Tri-dra Mouse 88.98%
Technic King Mouse 88.93%
Supreme Sensei Mouse 88.78%
Manaforge Smith Mouse 88.76%
Monster Of The Meteor Mouse 88.74%
Ascended Elder Mouse 88.72%
Icewing Mouse 88.67%
Centaur Ranger Mouse 88.67%
Monstrous Abomination Mouse 88.61%
Blacksmith Mouse 88.59%
Zurreal The Eternal Mouse 88.56%
The Menace Mouse 88.54%
Carmine The Apothecary Mouse 88.52%
Twisted Carmine Mouse 88.50%
Balack The Banished Mouse 88.48%
Cursed Librarian Mouse 88.46%
Soul Binder Mouse 88.43%
Gargantuamouse 88.39%
Goliath Field Mouse 88.35%
Chess Master Mouse 88.28%
Ancient Of The Deep Mouse 87.63%
Crystal Behemoth Mouse 35.05%
Emberstone Scaled Mouse 23.37%
Inferna, The Engulfed Mouse 23.26%
Absolute Acolyte Mouse 23.18%
Stormsurge, The Vile Tempest Mouse 23.15%
Queen Quesada Mouse 23.05%
Corkataur Mouse 22.94%
Nachous, The Molten Mouse 22.63%
Deep Mouse 16.99%
King Scarab Mouse 14.77%
Molten Midas Mouse 14.48%
Shattered Carmine Mouse 14.40%
Eclipse Mouse 13.87%
Dark Magi Mouse 13.79%
Kalor'ignis Of The Geyser Mouse 4.23%
Diamondhide Mouse 0.52%
Magmatic Golem Mouse 0.50%
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