Sky Pirate Map (5 Person)

Sky Pirate Map (5 Person)
From Scroll Case Sky Pirate Scroll Case (5 Person)
Event Only No
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Cloud Miner Mouse 100.00%
Warden Of Fog Mouse 100.00%
Warden Of Wind Mouse 100.00%
Warden Of Frost Mouse 100.00%
Warden Of Rain Mouse 100.00%
Agent M Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Arcane Mouse 100.00%
Sky Highborne Mouse 100.00%
Sky Squire Mouse 100.00%
Cutthroat Pirate Mouse 100.00%
Mist Maker Mouse 100.00%
Spheric Diviner Mouse 100.00%
Suave Pirate Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Shadow Mouse 100.00%
Regal Spearman Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Forgotten Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Dragons Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Tactics Mouse 100.00%
Shadow Sage Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Strength Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of The Lawless Mouse 100.00%
Paragon Of Water Mouse 100.00%
Captain Cloudkicker Mouse 100.00%
Launchpad Labourer Mouse 100.00%
Cutthroat Cannoneer Mouse 100.00%
Herc Mouse 84.26%
Spry Sky Seer Mouse 83.85%
Devious Gentleman Mouse 83.82%
Lancer Guard Mouse 83.72%
Dragonbreather Mouse 83.57%
Sky Glass Sorcerer Mouse 83.57%
Seasoned Islandographer Mouse 83.53%
Worried Wayfinder Mouse 83.51%
Astrological Astronomer Mouse 83.50%
Sky Glass Glazier Mouse 83.42%
Ground Gavaleer Mouse 83.33%
Nimbomancer Mouse 83.32%
Lawbender Mouse 83.30%
Cumulost Mouse 83.20%
Overcaster Mouse 83.19%
Spry Sky Explorer Mouse 83.17%
Stack Of Thieves Mouse 83.16%
Sky Dancer Mouse 83.16%
Gyrologer Mouse 83.12%
Tiny Dragonfly Mouse 83.10%
Cute Cloud Conjurer Mouse 82.93%
Stratocaster Mouse 82.93%
Sky Surfer Mouse 82.71%
Sky Swordsman Mouse 82.65%
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