Warpath Treasure Map

Warpath Treasure Map
From Scroll Case Warpath Scroll Case
Event Only No
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Flame Archer Mouse 94.02%
Flame Warrior Mouse 93.91%
Desert Archer Mouse 93.88%
Sand Cavalry Mouse 93.86%
Inferno Mage Mouse 93.74%
Sentinel Mouse 93.68%
Crimson Commander Mouse 93.67%
Crimson Ranger Mouse 93.64%
Crimson Titan Mouse 93.57%
Desert Soldier Mouse 93.53%
Sandwing Cavalry Mouse 93.52%
Magmarage Mouse 93.44%
Vanguard Mouse 93.43%
Crimson Watch Mouse 93.30%
Warmonger Mouse 83.30%
Theurgy Warden Mouse 36.99%
Flame Ordnance Mouse 36.11%
Gargantuamouse 35.22%
Caravan Guard Mouse 3.07%
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