Treasure Hunt Season 9 has Begun!

November 10, 2021 | Blog

Treasure Hunt season 9 has begun on 9 November 2021

New Bases

The new treasure chest has 2 new bases:

Compass Magnet Base

This base is for Labyrinth.

It has the ability to remove a Dead End Clue from your Labyrinth Compass with 30% chance after every catch, even within intersections! This is best for those who have not finished the Zokor area.

Gemology Base

This base is for Fungal Cavern.

It has the ability to raise the encounter chance of mice that drop higher quantities of Mineral, Gemstone, and Diamond.

The bases can be obtained by chance from the new Treasure Chests of Season 9.

The more Relic Hunter chests you open, the greater your chance of finding a Limited Edition reward, ie: the new bases

At 30 chests, one of this season's LE items are guaranteed to drop

So, let's get hunting!

Treasure Chest Season 9

Any collectors might want to start hunting the Treasure Chests of Season 9:

Easy Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Medium Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Hard Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Elaborate Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Arduous Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Elite Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Easy Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Medium Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Hard Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Elaborate Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Arduous Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Rare Elite Treasure Chest (Season 9)

Elite Slayer Treasure Chest (Season 9) - Does not have the new bases

Rare Elite Slayer Treasure Chest (Season 9) - Does not have the new bases

Elite Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest - Does not have the new bases

Rare Elite Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest - Does not have the new bases

Credit: Thank you to Dajka#0001 to remind me about the missing Elite Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest from this page

How to join the Treasure Hunt

If you are new to Mousehunt or simply not up-to-date with the community, there are various ways for you to join the treasure hunt.

1. Open your own Treasure Map

To open your own Map, you need to use Relic Hunter Scroll Case, which can be obtained from catching Relic Hunter Mouse

Note that this mouse changes location daily. For information of where this mouse is today, refer to Relic Hunter Location

2. In-game Community Map Listing

From the Treasure Map section, you can get a list of public treasure maps you can request to join

To open this, click Treasure Map > Community tab > Community Map Listings sub-tab > Public

In-game Community Map Listing

Good luck and have fun with your application to join

3. Mousehunt Treasure Map Facebook groups

There are a number of Mousehunt Treasure Map hunting.

To get the list, please refer to the Related Sites

4. Official Mousehunt Discord

If you are not in this Discord, I recommend you to as you can ask questions not limited to treasure hunting but anything about Mousehunt

Here is the link:

5. Mousehunt in-game Treasure Map Chat forum

Alternatively, Mousehunt also has an in-game treasure map chat forum

To access this on PC, go to Kingdom > Forum >Treasure Map Chat

or if you play without Facebook, you can use the following link