Fort Rox - Heart of the Meteor Guide

March 16, 2017 | Guide

Minimum rank: Baron / BaronessBaron / Baroness
Recommended setup:
- Trap: LawLaw, ShadowShadow, ArcaneArcane
- Cheese: Regular cheese, Moon Cheese, Crescent Cheese, and Sunrise Cheese to catch the boss
- Trap / Base with unique attribute here: None
- Charm for unique attribute here: Nightlight Charm
Main Goal:
Night Phase:
Twilight - 35 hunts. (130-96) - Use ShadowShadow trap
Midnight - 25 hunts (95-70) - Use ShadowShadow trap
Pitch Black - 10 hunts. (69-60) - Use ArcaneArcane trap
Utter Darkness - 25 hunts. (59-36) - Use ArcaneArcane trap
First Light - 35 hunts. (35-Dawn) - Use ArcaneArcane trap

Slogan: Make Fort Rox Great Again!!

Walkthrough Guide:

In this place, you need to build your defenses, which are the Wall, Tower, Ballista, Moat, and Cannon.

In addition, the phase of this place is divided into two: Day and Night.

During the Day, hunters hunt normally to gather materials to build the defenses. The mice during the Day are mostly weak against LawLaw trap.

At Night, hunters will have to face stronger mice which has ShadowShadow-type weakness. These mice drop better materials to upgrade your defenses more. Each time the horn is sounded, the night mice attack the wall reducing its HP. Once the wall is breached, hunters will return to the Day automatically and can build more defenses if enough materials are gathered. Remember to also repair your wall during the Day using Meteorite Piece.

Hunters can also use the 'Retreat' button to return to the Day for no penalty.

Night has several phases that are different in length. During the different phases the mice populations change. Please refer to the Night Phase above for more information.

1. Accessing Fort Rox

Adventure: Gain Access to Fort Rox
Obtain the Fort Rox Battle Summons from the Claw Shot City Cartographer

First things first, in order to access Fort Rox, hunters need to purchase Fort Rox Battle Summons from the Claw Shot City - Cartographer for Fool's Gold x 25

2. Collect 50 Meteorite Piece to build your defenses

Adventure: Prepare Your Defenses
Collect 50 Meteorite Pieces
Build the Basic Wall
Build the Mage Tower

To start, collect the Meteorite Piece dropped from the mice here during the Day.

Use regular cheese, such as Gouda Cheese or Brie Cheese and equip your LawLaw trap to hunt them

After you have at least 50 Meteorite Piece, you can start building the Basic Wall which costs:

50 Meteorite Piece and 30,000 goldgold

I also recommend you to build the Mage Tower as it only costs:

5,000 goldgold

To activate the Mage Tower, you need to have Tower Mana. It is dropped by Mining Materials Manager Mouse during the Day. If you do not have one, you can buy from Marketplace now, or later if you are already veteran in this place, then you can also get it from Fort Rox - General Store.

3. Enter the Night, get 1 Howlite

Adventure: Prepare Your Defenses
Get Moon Cheese
Get Crescent Cheese
Face the Night
Adventure: Discover the Source of Howlite
Collect Howlite

Now that we have the Basic Wall ready, we can start hunting at Night.

Click the Defend Fort button to enter the Night mode.

The first phase is Twilight, which lasts for 35 hunts. If this is your first time hunting in Fort Rox, you might not last to Midnight phase, which is normal. Do not get discouraged.

The goal here is to get at least one Howlite as it is an important material to build your next defense, which is the Ballista.

Change your trap to ShadowShadow as the mice here has weakness to this element.

Also, Equip your Moon Cheese or Crescent Cheese to avoid meeting the Battering Ram Mouse which will reduce your wall HP by a lot. The moon one is better, but Crescent is ok if you want to save the Moon Cheese for future use.
If you do not have enough of these cheese, you can either purchase it from Fort Rox - Cheese Shoppe for several Meteorite Piece or buy it from Marketplace.

If you are lucky, you can get Tower Mana by capturing Night Shift Materials Manager Mouse during the Night.

Once you have the Howlite, I suggest you to use the 'Retreat' button to return to the Day.

4. Build your first Ballista

Adventure: Discover the Source of Howlite
Build the Basic Ballista

With your first Howlite, you can now build the Basic Ballista, which costs:

1 Howlite and 30,000 goldgold

Also repair your wall during the Day, before you enter the Night.

5. Build defenses more using Howlite from Night mice

Adventure: Discover the Source of Howlite
Dig the Small Moat
Build the Howlite Wall

What is next is to repeat the process to get more Howlite from the Night mice enough to build defenses that exclusively cost Howlite.

These two are a must to progress your adventure book:

The Small Moat costs:

10 Howlite and 30,000 goldgold

The Howlite Wall costs:

15 Howlite and 45,000 goldgold

The following is optional, but still nice to have:

The Silver Ballista costs:

25 Howlite and 45,000 goldgold

6. Build Cannon using 5 Bloodstone from Night mice

Adventure: Discover the Source of Bloodstone
Collect Bloodstone
Build the Small Cannon

Now that you have stronger defenses, you can last more during the Night, probably even reaching Midnight or Pitch phase.

If you reach Pitch phase, switch your trap to ArcaneArcane as the mice during this phase is weak to the element.

The target is to get 5 Bloodstone. Since going to the night requires you to start from the Twilight phase, probably it is best to hunt during the Night until your wall breaks.

If your wall crumbles before you get enough Bloodstone, you can keep the stone until you have 5 to build the necessary Small Cannon, or you can build any other optional defenses to last more during the Night.

The Small Cannon costs:

5 Bloodstone, 20 Howlite and 3,000 goldgold

7. Defeat Monster Of The Meteor Mouse

Adventure: Survive the Night and Defeat the Monster
Make it through the night and reach Dawn
Catch Monster of the Meteor

The more you build your defenses during the Day, the more you can last more during the Night.

The more you can last more during the Night, the better the materials you can gather to build defenses during the Day.

Repeat this process until your wall can survive the Night til the Dawn phase.

During the Dawn phase, keep using the Moon Cheese or Crescent Cheese to avoid the Battering Ram Mouse, and so you will only have to hunt the Dawn Guardian Mouse, and the boss itself, Monster Of The Meteor Mouse.
The way the mouse damage your wall stays the same at first, however with miss of the Monster, the damage of every mouse in the area is multiplied by additional number, for example, as you miss one Monster, the damage of Dawn Guardian Mouse increases from 3 to 6. Second miss, will make it to be 9, 12 and so on.

These two mice drop the Dawn Dust, which are the materials to craft new Traps:

Other materials required to craft each of the trap above are dropped by Monster Of The Meteor Mouse at low rate:

8. Get Fort Rox Portal Core and Fort Rox Portal Console from Fort Rox Treasure Map

Now that you are strong enough to farm Dawn Dust, the next mission is to defeat the Heart Of The Meteor Mouse.
In order to reach it, first you need to purchase Fort Rox Portal Projector from Fort Rox - General Store which costs:

The Core and Console is a rare drop from Fort Rox Treasure Map even if it is dusted. Based on Horntracker, the drop rate is 12% for normal map, and 25% for dusted map. Each chest can only contain one of the Portal items.

The following is the Fort Rox mice list.

9. Use Fort Rox Portal Projector to enter the Meteor Heart to defeat Heart Of The Meteor Mouse

With the Fort Rox Portal Projector in hand, you can activate the Portal via the HUD during the Dawn phase.
Bear in mind that the Portal is one-time use, as it will be destroyed to open the Portal.

The Portal is also similar to Zugzwang's Tower which means that once you go in there’s no coming back to buy items or craft things, so be sure to have everything prepared before you go in, which is as follows:

This cheese is required to hunt the boss.
You can buy the cheese from the Fort Rox - Cheese Shoppe for 25 Dawn Dust. It is also available at the Marketplace.

It is highly recommended to have at least 10 of this, as with each piece of the cheese the boss steals, it gets weaker by 10%.
Which means that your 10th try is a 100% catch. So do not waste Portal pieces by being too low on it!

- Your best ArcaneArcane Trap
Simply as the boss is weak to this element.

- Your best Charm

There are many options here, but any High LuckLuck Charm or Regal Charm might be useful.

Although if you want to 100% catch it at the first try, you can always use Ultimate Charm, even though not recommended.

After you catch it, you will be sent back to Dawn at exactly the same time you enter the Portal, and your Sunrise Cheese will automatically disarm. You will also get Meteoric Core Fragments which is the main ingredients to craft Meteor Prison Core Trap.

The following is the cost:

1,200,000 goldgold

1 Meteoric Core Fragments

10 Bloodstone

60 Howlite

In addition, you will also get which is required to open up a new place for you to hunt: Queso River.

And in this place, you can upgrade your new Meteor Prison Core Trap to be Ember Prison Core Trap.

Preparation for next

If this is your first time clearing Fort Rox, then the next area to visit is Queso River. I will do a guide for this area next week or so. Stay tune! =)

You can farm many things in Fort Rox to sell the following at the Marketplace:
Animatronic Bird - was millions back then, but now it is cheap
Silver Bolt - was millions back then, but now it is cheap

Thanks to Neobilly@Discord for the info that Sunrise cheese can be bought at the Marketplace

This area is a permanent area