Great Winter Hunt 2019 Event Guide

December 11, 2019 | Guide

Minimum rank: RecruitRecruit
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese:
-- Any standard cheese purchasable from any General Store to farm Pecan Pecorino Cheese,
-- Pecan Pecorino Cheese and Glazed Pecan Pecorino Cheese to attract mice dropping Snow Golem parts
- Trap / Base with unique attribute here: None
- Charm with unique attribute here:
New mice:
Main Goal:
- Collect Snow Golem parts to build it ( ♪ Do you want to build a snowman ♫ )
- Send the Golem to various Gnawnia locations to gather materials
- Detonate Explosive Christmas Cracker from any returning Golem to destroy heaters for decorations
- Get Plain Shorts from the boss mouse, Shorts-All-Year Mouse, to carve new festive decorations that attract specific mice and boost specific loot.
- Buy all new Traps, Skins, Bases, and Journal Themes
- Farm materials by sending more and more Golems

Walkthrough Guide:

1. Accessing Festive Comet

Merry Great Winter Hunt 2019!! First things first, in order to access the Festive Comet, hunters need to have at least rank RecruitRecruit.

Do not worry about the time, as this event should run until after the New Year.

Note: We do not know when this event ends, but it usually has more than enough time to complete any event task

2. Gather Pecan Pecorino Cheese

Adventure: Gather Pecan Pecorino
Collect Pecan Pecorino

If this is your first time doing Great Winter Hunt, the first thing you need to gather Pecan Pecorino Cheese dropped by the mice in this area.

Equip any standard cheese, such as Brie Cheese or Gouda Cheese for this.

Try to collect as much as you can since you need the cheese for the next step.

There is an easy way to collect Pecan Pecorino Cheese, that is by joining any Great Winter Hunt tournament. You do not need to score high to get the reward. Even 10 points is enough. The tournament reward includes at least Pecan Pecorino Cheese, Let It Snow Charm, Throwable Snowball and Animated Snow.

3. Collect Snow Golem parts

Adventure: Gather Pecan Pecorino
Collect Golem Head
Collect Golem Torso
Collect Golem Limbs

Use the Pecan Pecorino Cheese to attract mice that drop any Snow Golem parts.

If you run out of the cheese, equip the standard cheese to farm more or buy from the Donate section.

You can also equip Glazed Pecan Pecorino Cheese to attract 2 more mice for the Snow Golem parts: Joy Mouse and Glazy Mouse
If you have Let It Snow Charm, you can use it to attract Snow Golem Architect Mouse which drops various Snow Golem parts, which sometimes include the Head and Torso in one go.
Otherwise, if you have Winter Charm from the previous years' Great Winter Hunt events, you can equip that to attract the Snowflake Mouse which drops Let It Snow Charm.

4. Build the Snow Golem

Adventure: Send a Snow Golem on a Looting Mission
Build a Snow Golem from 1 Head, 1 Torso, and 4 Limbs
Collect a reward from a Snow Golem

To build a Snow Golem, you need the following:

Once you build one, send them to any location that you want.

The Snow Golem will return after a few hunts with various materials and Explosive Christmas Cracker.

You can also call the Snow Golem to finish its expedition immediately by using Festive Summoning Bell.
In addition, you can also upgrade the Golem rewards by equipping the Golem with Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat on sending to get 3 Hat-type rewards.

Click here for the Snow Golem Rewards List

5. Destroy all 10 heaters

Adventure: Destroy all 10 heaters
Blow up the first heater to reveal a wintery snow pile
Blow up the second heater to rescue a pile of snowballs
Blow up the third heater to restore an ice sculpture
Blow up the fourth heater to rebuild a massive snowman
Blow up the fifth heater to rescue festive candy canes
Blow up the sixth heater to save a singed winter hunt tree
Blow up the seventh heater to restore an ice skating rink
Blow up the eighth heater to rebuild a festive igloo
Blow up the ninth heater to restore a ski hill
Blow up the Shorts-All-Year Mouse's oversized personal heater

Use the Explosive Christmas Cracker to blast the heaters.

Repeat the process of collecting the Snow Golem parts, sending the Golem, and using the Cracker to destroy more heaters until you destroy the Shorts-All-Year Mouse's oversized personal heater.

6. Capture Shorts-All-Year Mouse

Adventure: Capture the Shorts-All-Year Mouse
Catch the Shorts-All-Year Mouse
Get Plain Shorts to unlock decorations

Now that all the heaters have been destroyed, we can start capturing the boss mouse, Shorts-All-Year Mouse.
You will get the Plain Shorts and by capturing this mouse, your Adventure Book for this event should be completed.

Make sure you Claim the Adventure completion reward to get various items.

Now that we have finished the adventure book, we can start focusing on the decorations to farm more festive things such as the new skins, base, journal theme and many more. And do not forget, we also have Nice and Naughty Treasure Map.

7. Get materials to buy festive items

Keep capturing the boss mouse to farm the ice pick to unlock more decorations. You need to repeat destroying the heaters from the beginning though.

Each decorations will unlock more mice to attract and catch which will drop the materials needed to buy the traps, skins and bases:

There are also traps, skins, and journal themes from the Great Winter Hunts in the past years to buy.

To compare these skins to the existing traps, go to this page: Best Traps and Bases


There are various things to do in this event after finishing the Adventure Book:

Farming materials by sending Snow Golems
As long as this event is available, you can keep sending Golems to various places.
The popular location is Zokor, but there might be other places that might catch your interest according to what you need.
Click here for the Snow Golem Rewards List.

Great Winter Hunt tournament
It is highly recommended to join the tournament. As long as you have any points, you will have a great chance to get the rewards which includes at least Pecan Pecorino Cheese, Let It Snow Charm, Throwable Snowball and Animated Snow.

Treasure Map hunting
Nice and Naughty Treasure Maps are now available. Collectors might also want to get the scroll case available in the Cartographer store:

The event end date is still unknown

Snow Golem Rewards List

Bonus Rewards
Snow Golem lv 2+: Snowball Charm x 5
Snow Golem lv 4+: Throwable Snowball x 4
Snow Golem lv 6+: SUPER|brie+ x 3
Snow Golem lv 8+: Festive Ultimate Lucky Power Charm x 2
Snow Golem lv 10+: Floating Reindeer Crate x 1

If you have the Lucky Golden Shield, the Snow Golem will return with: Gilded Charm x 3

About Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat

Equipping the hat to the Snow Golem will make the golem return with 3 additional Hat-type rewards