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Amplifier Charm
Group Charm
Sub Group Seasonal Garden
Consume Method Custom
Tradeable No
Refundable No
Limited Edition No
How to get
Sold At
Imbued with knowledge from Zugzwang's Library this magical charm will charge your Tower Amplifier twice as quickly while hunting in the Seasonal Garden. This charm is consumed upon capturing a mouse in the Seasonal Garden.
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Group Base
Sub Group Seasonal Garden
Refundable No
Limited Edition Yes
Trap Data
Points Required 0 pointspoints
Power 300
Power Bonus None
Attraction Bonus 8%
Luck 6
Cheese Effect No Effect
This base is carved from the magical soil of Zugzwang's Seasonal Garden. The serene soil brings together all four seasons, providing camouflage inside the garden. The Seasonal Base gains an 18% power bonus when hunting in the Seasonal Garden.
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