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Moussu Picchu Treasure Map
From Scroll Case Moussu Picchu Scroll Case
Event Only No
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Homeopathic Apothecary Mouse 100.00%
Rain Summoner Mouse 100.00%
Cycloness Mouse 100.00%
Fluttering Flutist Mouse 100.00%
Monsoon Maker Mouse 100.00%
Rainmancer Mouse 100.00%
Thundering Watcher Mouse 100.00%
Wind Warrior Mouse 100.00%
Ful'mina, The Mountain Queen Mouse 100.00%
⚡Thunderlord⚡ 75.91%
Breeze Borrower Mouse 50.85%
Windy Farmer Mouse 49.88%
Cloud Collector Mouse 49.82%
Rainwater Purifier Mouse 49.45%
⚡Thunderlord⚡ 23.91%
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