Naughty List

Naughty List
From Scroll Case Sealed Naughty List
Event Only Yes
Upgradeable Yes
Treasure chest prize

Finishing this map gives you the following prize:

Use Rare Map Dust to the map to upgrade the prize to:

Mice list
Mice Rate per map
Great Giftnapper Mouse 52.24%
Iceberg Sculptor Mouse 49.51%
Ol' King Coal Mouse 43.12%
Slay Ride Mouse 40.53%
Destructoy Mouse 40.48%
Reinbo Mouse 40.46%
Snow Boulder Mouse 40.40%
Snowglobe Mouse 40.36%
Toboggan Technician Mouse 40.34%
Wreath Thief Mouse 40.33%
Snow Fort Mouse 40.30%
Young Prodigy Racer Mouse 40.25%
Mad Elf Mouse 40.19%
Toy Tinkerer Mouse 40.19%
Rainbow Racer Mouse 40.14%
Squeaker Claws Mouse 40.14%
Ornament Mouse 40.09%
Double Black Diamond Racer Mouse 40.09%
Stocking Mouse 40.08%
Sporty Ski Instructor Mouse 40.01%
Elf Mouse 40.01%
Missile Toe Mouse 40.00%
Tundra Huntress Mouse 39.99%
Snow Sorceress Mouse 39.98%
Nutcracker Mouse 39.98%
S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse 39.97%
Christmas Tree Mouse 39.90%
Ribbon Mouse 39.87%
Nitro Racer Mouse 39.78%
Snowball Hoarder Mouse 39.77%
Free Skiing Mouse 39.71%
Toy Mouse 39.70%
Black Diamond Racer Mouse 39.70%
Stuck Snowball Mouse 39.66%
Candy Cane Mouse 39.55%
Snowblower Mouse 39.01%
Snow Golem Jockey Mouse 38.95%
Nice Knitting Mouse 38.81%
Snow Scavenger Mouse 38.77%
Naughty Nougat Mouse 38.74%
Ridiculous Sweater Mouse 38.67%
Great Winter Hunt Impostor Mouse 38.67%
Builder Mouse 38.49%
Frigid Foreman Mouse 38.48%
Glacia Ice Fist Mouse 38.43%
Borean Commander Mouse 38.43%
Snow Golem Architect Mouse 33.72%
Joy Mouse 33.36%
Glazy Mouse 32.91%
Shorts-All-Year Mouse 29.66%
Frightened Flying Fireworks Mouse 6.00%
Party Head Mouse 5.94%
New Year's Mouse 5.92%
Snowflake Mouse 0.03%
Greedy Al Mouse 0.01%
Gingerbread Mouse 0.01%
Mouse of Winter Future 0.00%
Miser Mouse 0.00%
Scrooge Mouse 0.00%
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