Lunar New Year 2020 Event Guide

January 15, 2020 | Guide
Lunar New Year 2020 Event Guide

Minimum rank: any rank
Recommended setup:
- Trap: Your best trap
- Cheese: Any standard cheese, Dumpling Cheese, Nian Gao'da Cheese
Target mouse: Costumed Rat Mouse
Main Goal:
- Get Rat Jade Base by completing the Adventure of this event
- Get Blazing Jade Lantern Trap Skin, Slippery Rat Slide Trap Skin and Year of the Rat Journal Theme by lighting the lantern and take it to new heights.
- Farm a lot and get 2-3x loot by using the Rat Lunar Lantern

Walkthrough Guide:

Happy Lunar New Year 2020! It is the Year of the Rat! *YAY*
Time to celebrate it with this Mousehunt event. Thanks Hitgrab guys!!

The event is similar to previous years' Lunar New Year events.

In this event, there are 2 main things that you might want to do:

1. Catch Costumed Rat Mouse

Adventure: Collect Dumpling Cheese at Lunar Stockpiles
Gather Dumpling Cheese by capturing regular mice in a Lunar Stockpile!
Adventure: Defeat the Costumed Lunar New Year Mice
Catch Costumed Tiger Mouse
Catch Costumed Rabbit Mouse
Catch Costumed Dragon Mouse
Catch Costumed Snake Mouse
Catch Costumed Horse Mouse
Catch Costumed Sheep Mouse
Catch Costumed Monkey Mouse
Catch Costumed Rooster Mouse
Catch Costumed Dog Mouse
Catch Costumed Pig Mouse
Catch Costumed Rat Mouse
Adventure: Obtain the Rat Lunar Lantern and Light Lunar Lantern Candles
Obtain the Rat Lunar Lantern by capturing the Costumed Rat Mouse!

The main idea of this is already listed in the Adventure section in your Mousehunt game screen.

Basically, we need to capture all past Costumed Mice in the Lunar Stockpiles area.

These mice can only be captured using Dumpling Cheese only.
To get the Dumpling Cheese, hunters need to hunt in the Lunar Stockpiles area using the standard cheese. Here is the list of the Lunar Stockpiles area:

Costumed Rat Mouse
Catching the boss mouse, Costumed Rat Mouse will give you the Rat Lunar Lantern which enables you to start the 2-3x loot drop party time. =)

2. Light the Lunar Lantern Candle

Adventure: Obtain the Rat Lunar Lantern and Light Lunar Lantern Candles
Collect and light 10 Lunar Lantern Candles
By capturing the Costumed Rat Mouse, we will obtain the Rat Lunar Lantern which is the first requirement to get the Rat Jade Base.

The second requirement is to simply collect and light 10 Lunar Lantern Candle

After both requirements have been done, hunters can claim the Adventure Book reward to get the Rat Jade Base
Rat Jade Base

Light up your Lunar Lantern!

As you light up your lantern, it will fly up high. There are 3 rewards that you can get by lighting the lantern according to the heights your lantern achieves:
- Doggy Droid Trap Skin - 240 height
- Pig Trap Skin - 480 height
- Red Lunar Lantern Candle x 10 - 500 height

The various Lunar New Year mice drop Lunar Lantern Candle that you can use to illuminate your Rat Lunar Lantern. While your lantern is lit, you'll use one candle with each hunt you take, but you'll also DOUBLE most loot dropped by mice you capture. Every 10 hunts you take with your lantern lit will also add a +1 Luck bonus to the lantern that will be active while the lantern is lit. You can earn up to +50 Luck!

But wait.. there is more!

If you have Nian Gao'da Cheese, you can use it to hunt and the mice will drop the upgraded version of the candle which is Red Lunar Lantern Candle. Using this candle on the lantern will give you, not double, but TRIPLE the mice drop. Neat!

The Lantern's loot and luck bonus effects work ANYWHERE in the Kingdom!

The magic of the lantern works for most loot drops, however, there are a few drops not affected by your lantern:
  • Dumpling Cheese
  • Lunar Lantern Candles
  • Treasure Map Clues
  • Map Pieces
  • A mouse's standard gold or points
  • Items added directly to hunters' inventories from bases, charms, auras, etc.
  • Certain items with maximum inventory quantity restrictions

If you are not sure where to hunt with your lantern, feel free to check the following pages for some recommendations:

The end date of the event is 28 Jan 2020.

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