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AniGame Recoil Rank


Recoil deals true damage based on %HP. Therefore, you might think the HP stat of the card with this talent matters. It is true, but not entirely true as there is another stat high-level players pay attention to, that is the DEF stat.

One notable card is Yami Sukehiro which is recommended heavily specifically for Portgas D Ace raid.

This talent is not used much compared to other talents though.

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Firstly, as you might expect, each card has its own usefulness. It is situational depending on factors other than stat such as element and the stats of clan.

Therefore, assuming we are against an enemy with Neutral element, here is the rank:


Card Rank Element HP ATK DEF SPD Total


S+ rank

Lilia Greyrat and Yami Sukehiro popularity sticks out like a sore thumb among the cards with the same talent due to its low DEF stat.

Combined with Trick Room DEF, this card is highly recommended to use against Portgas D Ace raid.


S rank

Ryuk is also ranked high due to its low DEF stat. The reason is the same as the S+ rank card above. Not as good as Yami Sukehiro though.


A rank

These cards are ranked A since it can be used for PvP due to its HP, ATK and DEF stats.

Usable in raid, but it is far from optimal compared to the cards with higher rank

Some people also consider Itaru Hashida as a god. Jokingly of course


B rank

These cards are rarely used in raid nor PvP due to its awkward stats. It might still be viable for weaker raids, although overshadowed by other talents.