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AniGame Team Setup Guide for Beginners

What is Team?

AniGame has team feature, which can be used for either PvE raid, or PvP.

The official command for this feature is .team, which you can enter as a command to view your current active team details

You can create up to 5 teams with each team consists of max 3 cards to battle the target.

If you have an active team and want to know more about raiding, you might want to check out the Raid Guide for details


Please ensure your correct team as your active team before starting any battle.


Creating a team

.team create <name> to create a team


The team name, you might need to know that it is case-sensitive, it matters when selecting an active team later


Adding cards into a team

This is done in 3 steps:

1. Selecting the card to add

.team add <cardid> to create a team
.team set <cardid> alternative command

The cardid is the order id of the card displayed from .inv, not the one with 9+ digit number


2. Selecting the team

Player need to enter the team name, which is case-sensitive


3. Selecting the position in team

Player need to enter the position in team for the card position, which is either position 1, 2 or 3.


Repeat this process until your team has 3 cards in it


Selecting active team

.team select <teamname> to select an active team


The teamname is case-sensitive


Deleting a team

.team delete <teamname> to delete a team


The teamname is case-sensitive




Note that the following are BANNABLE offenses: Alting (more than 1 account); Macroing (auto typers); Abusing Bugs; and trading for IRL currency / other bot currencies. Please abide by the rules!