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About AniGame

AniGame is one of the many Discord trading card game applications that can be considered a success. Boasting with over 12,000 Discord server counts, the game has been played since its official release to the general public on March 2020.

More about the game itself, instead of collecting trading card endlessly, AniGame provides the ultimate card collecting experience since you can interact with real-time PvP, climb floors and defeat PvE floor guardians, raid boss as a team, enhance and evolve your cards and dominate the leaderboards with your clan.

The cards are using Anime JRPG characters, with over 500 cards with unique stats and extraordinary abilities

Currently the developers are still active in adding new cards and floors as well as events especially during universal public holiday.

What makes AniGame good?

There are various reasons why people prefer to play this game to the rest. The following are the majority reasons:

Anime-based characters

Strong-looking heroes, awesome childhood memories, or simply cute things? Anything is valid for each of us has different experience when it comes to anime. The anime used in this game is not limited to the popular ones, but spans from the one decades ago such as Yu Yu Hakusho to the new anime such as One-Punch Man.

Strong community

There are huge amount of anime fans out there in the world and most, if not all players, are anime lovers. And they are helpful. If you have any questions, you can simply post your question into the question and inquiries channel in the official Discord server of this game.

Additionally, you can also join in-game clan for help or to discuss a more in-depth strategy to win against specific enemies.

While the exact number of players are unknown, there are thousands of players of this game playing either in the official Discord server or the private ones. Currently, there are over 12,000 Discord server with AniGame installed.

Interesting gameplay

Player can battle as PvE or PvP in this game.

For the PvE, it is the climbing floor version, which you can consider as the 'main story' of this game. There is also PvE raid, where you battle a raid boss together as a team. Clearing the raid nets you great amount of gold and drops depending on the difficulty of the raid.

PvP feature is also available in this game for PvP lovers. Players can battle each other using their own deck of cards either for fun or simply testing each other abilities.

Active developments

Up until now, the developers are still developing a and adding new content periodically giving the players new cards and challenges. Limited edition cards can also be obtained during in-game events and public holiday events such as New Years, Halloween or even Chinese New Years.

If you are interested to give it a try, you can start by installing the game itself into your own Discord server.
The game is available here:
or if you are unsure how to set it up, please refer to the video below

Anigame Bot Setup by Roduz