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AniGame How to avoid getting scammed

About scamming in this game

I pray you visit this page not after getting scammed, but to learn how to avoid getting scammed.

Below is the ways of how people scam in this game and how you can avoid it


While scammers can be reported for IP-ban, your items will NOT be refunded.
Report inquiries will be in Anigame Support Server:


Scam #1: .trade in their private Discord server

What to scam?

Gold and Cards


The steps they do to scam

1. The scammers lurk in official Discord server paying attention to those people looking to buy or sell things in the #market channels

2. The scammers send a private message to the players informing that they have the items they want, whether it is gold or cards

3. They will ask you to come to their private server for the trading

4. Players can run the .tr commands as usual, including .tr view

5. After players enter .tr confirm to seal the transfer, the scammer will kick the players out of their private Discord server, and even remove their fake Discord account


How they do it

In their private Discord server, they have AniGame official bot and a bot that can change what the official bot prints.

This means that, even if you see the output of their .tr add is correct, in actuality, it is the print output from the fake bot, which means they are not adding anything in the trade.


Even they can change what the result of .tr view and .tr confirmbecause it is in their private Discord server.
In the screenshot below, the UR Violet Evergarden did not exist

and this is one of their Discord servers:


How to avoid

Only do any trading in the Official Discord Server
Scam #2: Free Nitro link

What to scam?

Your Discord account and everything in it


The steps they do to scam

1. The scammers send a Free Nitro message to players either in any Discord server or via private message

2. Clicking that link will display a Discord login form asking players to enter your Discord credentials to proceed to get the Free Nitro

3. After players Discord credentials, the scammer has the players Discord account


How they do it

The Free Nitro link goes to a fake Discord website and form.

The fake website saves any entered Discord credentials (username/email and password) into their database for them to login as the player.


How to avoid

Do not click any link asking you to login to Discord.
or anytime you see any Discord login form or Discord website, check the URL in your browser whether it displays


It is always better to exercise caution whenever something looks too good to be true
If you are uncertain about anything, ask in the #questions-and-inquiries channel in the Official AniGame Discord Server


The fact that you read this page and know how to avoid the scam now makes the time I spent to create this page worthwhile, since it means there is one less player scammers can scam, that is you. And that is a win for both of us.
Together we can stop the scammers and make this game as friendly, fun, enjoyable to everyone as possible
If you can share this page to your clan or Discord server, it will be great.




Note that the following are BANNABLE offenses: Alting (more than 1 account); Macroing (auto typers); Abusing Bugs; and trading for IRL currency / other bot currencies. Please abide by the rules!