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How to Play AniGame Guide


In any Discord server with AniGame bot, type .start to begin your conquest in the lands of Aniverse

You will need to .verify your Discord account if it is under 3 months old

.invite to get the invitation link to join the Official AniGame Discord server


It is highly recommended to join the Official server to get all tips and tricks from the devs and other players as well as communication purpose when doing a raid as a team


Basic commands

.help to get the list of AniGame commands

.profile or .p to see your profile

.edit profile to get a prompt to enter your profile status

.p <playerid> or .p @DiscordAccount to view other players profile


.gold or .g to check your current gold

.stamina or .stam to check your current stamina required for flooring


Always do this !!!

.daily to refill your stamina and gain 1500 + (250 x streak, up to 18) gold, 5 Diamonds (10 if Premium), and 1 Raid Pass (2 if Premium) by voting for AniGame once every 12 hours

.hourly to get 5-15 stamina once every 60 minutes


.inv to display the list of your cards

.loc number to go to specific location for flooring .floor or .fl to go to floor of the current location

.raid or .rd to display the raid commands

.clan or .cl to display the clan commands

.market to display the cards in the global market



Note that the following are BANNABLE offenses: Alting (more than 1 account); Macroing (auto typers); Abusing Bugs; and trading for IRL currency / other bot currencies. Please abide by the rules!