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AniGame Trick Room ATK Rank


Trick Room ATK is talent which absorbs the ATK stats of enemy to increase your ATK stats. This means that the lower ATK stats your card has, the better. This talent is popular to use in raid

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Firstly, as you might expect, each card has its own usefulness. It is situational depending on factors other than stat such as element and the stats of clan.

Therefore, assuming we are against an enemy with Neutral element, here is the rank:


Card Rank Element HP ATK DEF SPD Total
Arataka Reigen S Neutralneutral 85 70 87 75 317
Gowther S+ Waterwater 89 63 82 83 317
Izumo Kamiki S+ Darkdark 93 75 82 76 326
Ranpo Edogawa S Electricelectric 90 87 75 70 322
Ririka Momobami S+ Lightlight 77 67 93 80 317
Sora S+ Firefire 92 55 76 89 312
Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) A Lightlight 94 79 61 91 325
Kanade S Firefire 84 70 83 80 317
Ray S+ Groundground 76 62 93 95 326
Markl S Grassgrass 83 70 82 78 313


S+ rank

These cards are ranked S+ simply because of their ridiculously low ATK stats. In addition, the elements are also great.

The only exception is Izumo Kamiki since it has high HP and DEF stats as well as Dark element.


S rank

These cards are here because the ATK stats are higher than the S+ rank cards. However, these cards are still useful for raids


A rank

ATK stats is pretty high while DEF stats is low